Graduate Certificate in Business Dual Title Program

Graduate Certificate in Business Course Summary in PDF

The dual title program is designed to develop relevant business skills pertaining to operations of business in corporate, not-for-profit, and entrepreneurial settings.  Courses taken in the dual title program are credited towards the M.B.A degree, and students are able to pursue remaining coursework for the M.B.A degree following completion of the Doctor of Pharmacy Program.


Doctor of Pharmacy students must meet the following requirements to apply for admission to the business certificate program:

  • Second-year (P2) status
  • Bachelor of health science or other undergraduate degree
  • Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher, including pharmacy and pre-pharmacy coursework.

Admission Requirements

Admission to this program is contingent upon admission to the Wayne State Graduate School. Admission information is available at

Applications must include:

Application Deadline

For purposes of curricular planning in the PharmD program, the application deadline is December 1 of the P2 year.

Program Description

Students will take the Graduate Certificate in Business coursework concurrently with the Doctor of Pharmacy coursework. A total of 13 credits are required in this Graduate Certificate program, consisting of 8 required business course credits and 5 elective credits (all indicated by orange highlighting).  The program is designed to grant dual credit such that the first 6 credits of required business course credits taken in the Graduate Certificate program will count towards the professional electives required in the PharmD program.

Graduate Certificate in Business: Course Summary (13 total credits)

Required Business Courses (10 credits)

  • BA 6000 Financial Reporting: Accounting Module -3 cr
  • BA 6005 Basics of Corporate Finance (course waiver information) - 3 cr
  • BA 6015 Marketing Foundations - 2 cr
  • BA 6020 Contemporary Principles of Management - 2 cr

Functional Business Electives (choose one 3-credit course)

  • BA 7000 Managerial Accounting - 3 cr
  • BA 7010 Global Operations and Supply Chain Management - 3 cr
  • BA 7020 Corporate Financial Management - 3 cr
  • BA 7030 Business Analytics - 3 cr
  • BA 7040 Managing Organizational Behavior - 3 cr
  • BA 7050 Marketing Strategy - 3 cr
  • BA 7060 Understanding Emerging Technologies - 3 cr
  • BA 7070 Social Perspectives on the Business Enterprise - 3 cr
  • ISM 7505 Information Analytics: Inbound Information Technology - 3 cr

**7000 level courses expire after 6 years