Welcome Warrior Preceptors

Here at Eugene Applebaum College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, we know that our preceptors are essential to the development and training of our PharmD students. Pharmacy student surveys conducted through the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP) have consistently demonstrated that Wayne State Experiential Education is one of the greatest strengths in our program, thanks to our dedicated preceptors. Our Warrior Preceptors offer opportunities for our students to be integrated in pharmacy practice at a variety of practice sites.

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Preceptor expectations

Our preceptors are:

  • Professionals who exhibit behaviors and values that are consistent with the trust given to our profession
  • Leaders who demonstrate responsibility for the students they educate, the patients they care for and the profession they serve
  • Innovators that create and envision ways to integrate students into a variety of practice settings to enhance the profession and patient care
  • Self-aware in that they examine and reflect on personal knowledge, skills and abilities in order to enhance their facilitation of student learning
  • Educators in that they facilitate and guide learning for students, patients and other health care providers
  • Interprofessional collaborators in that they actively participate and engage as a health care team member in the care for patients
  • Patient-centered caregivers in that they provide patient-centered care as the medication specialist

Resources for current preceptors

Giving thanks for our preceptors

Annual PharmD Program Warrior Preceptor Recognition and Development Event​

Each year we give thanks to all of our preceptors at a networking event and CE for their dedication and continuous support for our students.

EACPHS Warrior Preceptor of the Year Award

Each year, the EACPHS Warrior Preceptor of the Year Award recognizes and honors preceptors who have demonstrated commitment and excellence in the following areas:

  • Providing exceptional experiential educational learning that integrates students into the practice of pharmacy
  • Promoting an environment that fosters and facilitates student learning through problem-solving and active participation in direct or indirect patient care services
  • Displaying leadership and service to patients and the profession

Our Office of Experiential Education thanks you!

Office of Experiential Education

Francine Salinitri Aline Saad Joseph Fava Brittany Stewart
Francine Salinitri, PharmD
Director of Experiential Education, Clinical Professor, Coordinator of Post-Graduate Teaching & Learning Curriculum​
Aline Saad, PharmD
Director of Faculty Development and Coordinator of Interprofessional Education, Associate Clinical Professor 
Joseph Fava, PharmD, BCACP
Coordinator of Early Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences, Assistant Clinical Professor, PGY1 Meijer Community Residency Director​
Brittany Stewart, PharmD
Coordinator of Community Pharmacy Practice Experiences, Assistant Clinical Professor​
Kelly Van Frankenhuyzen Kristen Sears    
Kelly Van Frankenhuyzen
Experiential Education
Program Manager

Kristen Sears
APPE Program Manager

Learn more

Pharmacists interested in becoming WSU preceptors or adjunct faculty members should complete the online interest form (enter code WAYNESTATEPRECEPTOR), or contact Experiential Education Program Manager Kelly Van Frankenhuyzen at kvanfrank@wayne.edu or 313-577-5405.