Student Complaint Policy

The Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE) requires pharmacy programs to provide an opportunity for students to submit comments and/or complaints about the school's adherence to ACPE's accreditation standards. Colleges and Schools of Pharmacy accredited by ACPE are obligated to respond to any written complaints by students that are related to the standards, policies, and procedures of the professional pharmacy program.

Complaints may be submitted directly to the ACPE or to the College.

Complaints submitted to ACPE

Any student may bring a grievance or complaint in reference to the ACPE accreditation standards. The ACPE Standards may be found at

The ACPE, as directed by the US Department of Education, states that any student complaint lodged against the Pharmacy Program alleging a violation of the ACPE Accreditation Standards should be submitted in writing direction to the ACPE office by completing the ACPE Complaint Form found on their website.    

Complaints submitted to EACPHS

Any pharmacy student may provide a written complaint to the College about any accreditation standard, student rights to due process, or issues that may not directly pertain to accreditation standards.   The policy below outlines the procedure to use to file a complaint to the College.

Students may submit a written complaint by using the online form below. The Academic Services Officer will forward the complaint to the Associate Dean for Pharmacy for review and relevance to any existing program policy or accreditation standard. Complaints will be investigated in a thorough and timely manner in consultation with faculty, students, and others as required. The Associate Dean or designee will provide the student with a written response to their complaint if contact information is provided. The submitted information will be kept separate from student academic records or faculty/staff personnel records.

Additional information regarding student complaint processes is available through the Wayne State University Dean of Students Office.

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File a complaint

Do you want your concern to remain anonymous? If yes, there will be limited follow-up. *
If anonymous, can we share identifying information with the person reviewing your concern? You will remain anonymous from the instructor if they are related to the concern. Although your submission has been collected by the Office of Student Affairs, you may receive a response from the most appropriate individual with the college to address your concern.

Contact information is only required if a response from the college is requested.

Would you like to receive a response for a college representative? In order to receive a response, your contact information must be provided within this form.