How to apply

Individuals interested in applying to the OT program must submit two applications: one to the Occupational Therapy Centralized Application Service (OTCAS) and one to the WSU Graduate School. Supplemental materials should be included with applications to the WSU Graduate School.

OTCAS Application: Available August 1 to November 1

The OT program must receive a submitted OTCAS application on or before November 1 and verified by OTCAS by December 1 in order to consider applicants for admission. Applications submitted to OTCAS after November 1 and verified by OTCAS after the December 1 deadline will not be considered. The application can be found at, and information about OTCAS may be found at It is highly recommended that you submit your OTCAS application sooner rather than later to ensure timely submission and review of all items by OTCAS. 

Applicant Personal Statement Submitted to OTCAS

It is recommended that you compose your personal statement in a text-only word processor and copy and paste it into the OTCAS application. Applicants will have two opportunities to attach/copy-paste the personal statement; (1) in the general section of the application and (2) in the program specific section of the application for those interested in WSU OT program. Applicants have the choice of using the same personal statement in each location or they can create another statement for the WSU section that includes information on why the WSU OT program is the correct fit for the applicant and their career goals. Additional details and instructions for the personal statement in the general section of the application can be found within the application.

Applicant References Submitted to OTCAS

The two professional recommendations may be obtained from one OTR and one professor/instructor or another healthcare provider. You will send the requests electronically in OTCAS to the two individuals you want to complete them and these individuals must submit their completed recommendations electronically via OTCAS. If you are applying only to Wayne State University's Occupational Therapy program, OTCAS will require you to enter the names of three recommenders. You can enter your name and email address as the third recommender unless you would like to have someone else submit a third professional recommendation.

A stronger applicant file is one that has references who have known you for a period of time and can comment on your performance. References from family members or those in a personal relationship with you are highly discouraged.

Documentation of 20 OTR Contact Hours Submitted to OTCAS

*Unable to meet this requirement due to COVID-19 restrictions? Click here to view alternate option

Fall Academic Updates Submitted to OTCAS (if applicable)

For those applicants completing courses in the Fall semester (August-December), You will need to put the courses in progress in OTCAS. Once the courses have been completed in December, applicants will need to complete an Academic Update in OTCAS for the completed courses. More information on the Academic Update process can be found on the OTCAS website here.

Insight Essay Submitted to OTCAS

The questions/prompt for the essay can be found in the Questions sections of the OTCAS application in the Wayne State program section of the application. It is recommended that you compose your insight essay in a text-only word processor and copy and paste it into the OTCAS application. This essay is not considered your personal statement.

WSU Graduate Application: Due December 1

A completed WSU Graduate School applicationincluding official transcripts and all required supplemental material (see below), must be submitted for consideration of admission.

Email official transcripts to: Transcripts must be sent directly from the institution to WSU Graduate Admissions.

If your previous educational institutions do not offer electronic official transcripts, then mail official transcripts to: 5057 Woodward, Suite 6000, Detroit, MI 48202-0340

Note: The WSU Graduate Application for the Spring/Summer WSU OT program start date will be available on the WSU Graduate School website on August 1. All graduate application materials must be submitted by December 1 to be considered for the following May start date. Use "Spring/Summer" of the coming year as the application semester.

Supplemental Materials to be submitted with the Graduate Admissions Application:

  • Copy of Granted Waiver: Six-Year Time Limit Rule for Science Prerequisites Course Waiver (if applicable)
    – Only those applicants that requested and received a six-year time limit science course prerequisite waiver from the WSU OT Admissions Committee need to submit documentation in the Additional Documents section.
  • Copy of TOEFL Scores (if applicable) only those applicants that need to complete the WSU English Proficiency requirement with the TOEFL exam need submit documentation in this section.
  • Advanced Placement (AP) or College Level Examination Program (CLEP) Scores (if applicable). Only those applicants that have completed AP/CLEP exams and want to use those credits for prerequisites need to submit score documentation in the Additional Documents section.