OT 5650 override request form

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Complete the form below if you are interested in applying to the Occupational Therapy program or are currently a pre-OT student looking to apply in the future. This form is ONLY for the pathophysiology course override through the OT Department.

Overrides will be entered on the University's priority registration date. If override is granted student will need to register within two weeks or they will lose their spot in the course.

Course/Override Prerequisite: BIO 2870 Anatomy & Physiology or BIO 3200 Human Physiology

Student Information

If you are not currently a WSU student, you will need to be admitted to the university in order to register for the course. Please review the admissions instructions on the previous page.

Course Prerequisite

Have you completed BIO 2870 or it's equivalent with a grade of C/2.0 or better? *

Course Information

There are also pathophysiology courses that are accepted from other accredited institutions. Please review the equivalency guides at http://cphs.wayne.edu/admissions/equivalency-guides.php. If a course is not on the equivalency guides, feel free to email cphsinfo@wayne.edu for assistance.