Mission, vision, and philosophy


Faculty members of the Physician Assistant Studies program at Wayne State University believe that scholarship, research and community service are driven by the mission statements of the university, college and the P.A. studies program.

The mission of the Wayne State University Physician Assistant Studies program is to develop highly competent and passionate physician assistants who are deeply committed to the practice of medicine in a range of urban and underserved health care settings. The program exemplifies excellence and innovation in health care delivery and service to the community.


The Physician Assistant Studies program at Wayne State University ranks among the most innovative and prominent in the United States. Its level of innovation and the products of this innovation are recognized and emulated nationally such that the program becomes a national model regarding health disparities.

Our philosophy

The Wayne State University Physician Assistant Studies Program educates and trains individuals to become clinically competent medical professionals prepared to deliver quality patient care in the context of a dynamic health care delivery system.

The didactic and clinical portions of the program reflect a fundamental allegiance to the compassionate delivery of services to those in need. The program implements this commitment through a curriculum which emphasizes the practical and policy issues of: health promotion and disease prevention; primary care delivery in inner city and urban medically under served areas, and the delivery of care to populations with special needs.

The P.A.Studies program is committed to a student-centered approach to graduate education and equal educational access for interested and qualified applicants. The program strives to maintain an atmosphere of mutual respect and an environment promoting personal growth and professional advancement, which culminates in the graduation of humane and ethical practitioners.

The P.A. Studies program encourages the development of self-directed professionals, prepared for life-long learning in clinical, educational and research milieus.