Current research

Our researchers are leaders in their field and actively involved in cutting edge projects that range from discovery of basic biological mechanisms to clinical concepts and application of healthcare. Research topics include projects in drug delivery, medicinal chemistry, immunology, infection models, therapeutic applications, carcinogenesis, nanomedicine, air pollution, epidemiology, physiology, clinical investigations, patient management, health economics, instrumentation, motor functions, movement analysis and human behavioral studies. State of the art molecular, cellular, biochemical and physiological approaches tackle chronic diseases, such as Parkinson's, cancer, diabetes, pulmonary, neurological and cardiovascular disorders, to name a few.



Research News

Important NIH Announcement

NIH announced in April 2017 changes to the grant application forms and application guide instructions for due dates on and after January 25, 2018. The new Form-E application packets must be used for all grant applications due on or after January 25, 2018. 
The majority of the form changes relate to the consolidation of the human subjects forms and clinical trials information forms. See grant notice NOT-OD-17-062 and for summary of changes.


Internal applications are sponsored by Departments within WSU. These applications require Chair and Dean level approval prior to submission and may or may not require Cayuse submission. These application are not reviewed by SPA. See links below for the most popular internal applications. 

External applications are sponsored by sources outside of the University. REGARDLESS OF SPONSOR'S REQUIREMENT, ALL APPLICATIONS FOR EXTERNAL FUNDING MUST BE REVIEWED and APPROVED BY THE DEPARTMENT CHAIR (s), DEAN(s) AND Sponsored Program Administration (SPA) PRIOR TO SUBMISSION TO THE SPONSOR. SPA requires the COMPLETED & FINAL APPLICATION at least 3 full university business days prior to sponsor's due date.

See the official policy.  


Timing is everything in research. PI's should be realistic in evaluating the progress of the research project and determine at least 90 days prior to award expiration whether an extension is needed. No Cost time extension request (NCTE) must be submitted to SPA 30-90 days prior to award expiration depending on the sponsor's requirement. The PI is required submit a letter addressed to the sponsor or complete the sponsor's NCTE form, if applicable, and complete the SPA NCTE form and return to the Research Office for process.

Along the lines of expiration, PI should be aware that the last month of a research project is to wrap up the project by analyzing data and writing manuscripts and finalizing reports. The research Office is happy to meet with the PI to discuss the close out of the grant 60-90 days prior to expirations. The purchase of supplies should be completed 30 days prior to the termination of the grant.