Policy on support of applications for internal research awards

To promote research, the college encourages all faculty to compete for research awards announced by the university. When matching funds for these awards are required, the college will follow a policy based on equity and shared resources. Under this policy, the college will authorize 50% match (i.e., contribute 50% of the university's amount). In case sufficient funds are not available in the departmental or principal investigator's (PI) research accounts, the PI can request up to 25% of the college's share of 50% from the Dean's funds. The remaining 25% will be derived from other sources, including departmental funds, PI's grant, IDC or startup support.

Under special circumstances when the Department and the PI do not have supporting match, but the PI can demonstrate a strong justification and prepare a competitive proposal, the Dean's office will consider providing up to the full 50% match.  Such support will be considered on individual basis and at the Dean's discretion.


Faculty Competition for Post-Doctoral Fellows:

Total Award:  $30,000/ year or $60,000 for two years.

EACPHS Match:  $15,000/year or $30,000 for two years, to be shared as follows:

                                Dean's office:  $7,500/year or $15,000 for two years.

                                Department and/or PI:   $7,500/yr or $15,000 for two years.

Policy on requests for support for workshop, seminar, grant editing, equipment or other upgrades*

The Eugene Applebaum College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences is committed to promoting excellence in research.  Several incentives are in place to support faculty scholarship and strengthen the research base. The college currently maintains ongoing programs in support of research through awards, matching funds and other incentives on a regular basis.  These programs, however, do not maintain funds to deal with special requests, such as for workshop participation, seminar developments or requests for financial support arising from unanticipated events or special circumstances, such as an equipment failure or upgrade of resources critical to maintaining high level of research productivity. The college has developed a policy based on shared responsibility on part of individual units and the Dean's Office in offering a coherent response to such requests.

In those cases where the request benefits an individual researcher, the response will be determined by the investigator's department/unit on the basis of departmental priorities. As a general practice, the principal investigator will contribute at least 50% of the cost from his/her research funds and may request the remainder of the cost from the unit. Departments that do not have sufficient reserve funds may request up to 25% contribution from the Dean's Office. 

For requests with broader implications and benefit to a group or a unit as a whole, the college policy will require individual departments to identify unit–based budget sources to cover the entire cost. The departments that do not have sufficient reserve funds, may request up to 25% contribution from the Dean's Office. In case of multiple requests, the unit head may appoint an ad hoc committee to develop a priority list based on departmental needs and resources.

*The level of support may be limited by availability of funds.

EACPHS travel policy

Updated Sept. 2018