Pharmaceutical Sciences

The Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences is a research-intensive unit with active, externally funded research programs in medicinal chemistry, pharmacology, pharmaceutics and drug delivery. Drug discovery efforts are focused on the synthesis and evaluation of antitumor and antiparasitic agents, antiinfectives and CNS-active compounds. The pharmacology group maintains well established programs in diabetes, neuroscience, cancer biology and toxicology.  The department also maintains well funded programs in drug and gene delivery, and has an emerging emphasis on nanoscience.  Faculty research is supported by a variety of funding agencies including the National Institutes of Health, the Susan Komen Foundation, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund, the Department of Defense and the pharmaceutical industry. Department faculty publish their results in numerous peer-reviewed journals, and present their latest results at national meetings or professional societies in medicinal chemistry, pharmacology and pharmaceutics. In addition to faculty, the department has 25 graduate students and 10 postdoctoral associates in various stages of training. 

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