Research Scholars program

The Wayne State University Research Scholars program is a selective research-intensive concentration within the college's PharmD program that aims to provide pharmacy students a challenging research experience and to enhance their professional education. Students will receive hands-on experience in applying contemporary scientific methodologies in research study design and in modern analytic methods within the broad areas of basic pharmaceutical sciences, clinical/translational research, practice based research and health outcomes research.

PharmD students in the Research Scholars program will conduct original research projects with faculty mentors and receive individualized counseling about interests, advanced training, and potential career options in the field of research. The research experience gained in the Research Scholars program is expected to differentiate students from their peers who plan to apply to post-graduate residencies, fellowships, or graduate degree studies. Students completing the program will obtain a concentration in research, noted on their university transcript.


The Research Scholars program will be introduced during orientation at the start of the P1 year and again in PHA 4125: Drug Literature Evaluation and Foundations of Research. Students will be notified of the application process, and selected students will meet with their assigned research advisors during the winter term of their P1 year; advisors will guide students in selecting a research mentor. Mentor selection will be accomplished by the end of spring/summer term in the P1 year. Research mentors will work with students to formulate an individual development plan (IDP) and complete research projects. 

Program policies

How to apply

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