Postdoctoral programs

Post-Graduate Training Programs

A variety of postgraduate training opportunities exist for graduates of Doctor of Pharmacy programs and Doctor of Philosophy programs. At the current time, the Department of Pharmacy Practice at Wayne State University offers research fellowships in a number of specialty areas. The department is currently exploring the feasibility of a graduate degree (MPH, MBA, Ph.D.) program.


As defined by the American College of Clinical Pharmacy, a pharmacy fellowship is a "directed, highly individualized postgraduate program designed to prepare the participant to become an independent researcher." Individuals with postgraduate fellowship training are highly sought after for positions in academia and the pharmaceutical industry.
The Department of Pharmacy Practice offers fellowship training in a number of specialty areas including infectious diseases and diabetes research.

Resident Teaching Certificate Program

The Department of Pharmacy Practice, in conjunction with post-graduate residency programs in metropolitan Detroit, offers a program designed to provide PGY1 and PGY2 residents an opportunity to gain teaching experience and improve teaching skills.  The program has 3 major components:  attending monthly teaching seminars, teaching experiences (classroom and precepting) and development of a teaching philosophy and portfolio.  

The program was initiated in 2008 with 25 residents completing the program.  Interested residents or residency coordinators should contact Dr. Justine Gortney at