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Advisory boards

Board of Visitors

The College's Board of Visitors (BOV) met for the first time in May 2002. The Board meets four times per year, once in the spring and once in the fall. Between onsite visits, conference calls are conducted several times a year. The BOV serves to strengthen the College's relationships with external constituencies and helps with fund raising and outreach activities.

Board members are:

Lisa Applebaum  
Ronald Coleman Retired
Tiffany Cusmano, secretary Community Engagement Specialist, EACPHS
Osama Fakih Owner, Arbor Lane Pharmacy
Anthony (AJ) Filippis President and CEO, Wright & Filippis
Sujay Galen, Ph.D. Faculty Representative (Physical Therapy)
Atheer Kaddis Senior Vice President, Diplomat Pharmacy
Kristie Kava, co-chair Co-owner, Oakland Physical Therapy
Harry Kurtz President and CEO, Triune Specialty Trailers
Deepak Bhalla, Ph.D. Interim Dean
Glen Perry Director, Pharmacy Services Administration
Joe Ringer, R.Ph., M.B.A. Professor, Schoolcraft College and former Account Executive, Merck & Company
Tim Schramm, co-chair Vice President, Howe-Peterson Funeral Home & Cremation Services
Ed Szandzik Director of Pharmacy, Henry Ford Hospital
Greg Wernette Executive Vice President, Level One Bank


Diversity Committee

The Wayne State University Eugene Applebaum College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (EACPHS), as part of the international and multicultural educational community, is committed to promoting a culturally and ethnically diverse educational environment. The college believes that it is beneficial to the learning process to achieve an educational atmosphere that reflects the ethnic and cultural make up of our society. The college strongly believes that the students, faculty and all members of the University community are best served by learning, studying and living in a heterogeneous ethnic and cultural environment. To that end and with that goal in mind, the college will vigorously promote these ideals in every aspect of its education, scholarship, practice and service. A multicultural society achieves the greatest benefit from having multicultural institutions.

During the 2006-07 academic year, Dean Beverly Schmoll established a Diversity Task Force that eveolved into a 15-member Diversity Advisory Board. The board is charged with recommending and implementing strategies to build a culturally and ethnically diverse educational environment.

Committee members are:

Mary K. Clark, Ph.D. Assistant Dean, Student Affairs
Ronald Coleman, chair Retired
Randall Commissaris, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences
Steven Firestine, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences
Doreen Head, Ph.D. Director, Occupational Therapy Program
Deepak Bhalla, Ph.D. Interim Dean
Dennis Parker, Pharm.D.  Associate Professor, Pharmacy Practice
Heather Sandlin Academic Services Officer, Health Sciences
Timothy Stemmler, Ph.D. Professor and Director of Research, Pharmaceutical Sciences
Jozy Hayek Academic Services Officer, Pharmacy

In spring 2007, the board established an endowed scholarship fund to encourage and support diversity within the Eugene Applebaum College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. Providing the lead gift was Ronald Coleman, a board member and alumnus of the Pharmacy ('68) and Mortuary Science ('63) programs. The college currently is raising funds to complete the $350,000 endowed scholarship. Those interested in contributing to the fund should contact EACPHS Development Director Denise Thomas at ew8458@wayne.edu.

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