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  • Board of Visitors Endowed Scholarship

    About the Donor

    The Board of Visitors Endowed Scholarship was created in January 2012 through contributions from the members of the board of visitors. The intent of the board of visitors is to provide tuition assistance to a deserving student that shows great promise for making a difference in their profession.

  • Dr. Harvey S. Wilks Endowed Scholarship

    About the Donor

    Dr. Harvey S. Wilks was gifted intellectually and artistically. He was thoughtful and serious with a dry sense of humor. He worked hard to do well in all his endeavors. Following his military service he studied to be a forensic pathologist. He loved the challenge of determining the cause of a death. He was serving as Deputy County Medical Examiner for Wayne County, Michigan at his untimely death. Harvey's sister, Toby Wilks Friedman and her husband Dan established this endowed scholarship in memory of Harvey and in recognition of his passion for his work.

  • EACPHS Diversity Advisory Board Endowed Scholarship

    About the Donor

    Contributions from the Diversity Advisory Board (DAB) created this endowed scholarship with the intent of furthering the education of underrepresented students in the area of pharmacy and health sciences.

  • The Karen L. and Peter D. Frade Endowed Scholarship

    About the Donor

    Peter D. Frade is a life-long Detroiter. He grew up and still lives in the home that his parents originally built in the early 1930s in Detroit. Peter attended Cass Tech High School where he graduated with a dual major in science and music. Peter began his undergraduate degree at Wayne State University in 1964 and graduated with a BS in Chemistry in 1968. Upon graduation, Peter began his career at Henry Ford Hospital in the pharmacology and toxicology division in the department of pathology. Peter obtained both his Master's degree in Chemistry (1971) and his Ph.D. in Chemistry (1978) from Wayne State. Karen (Kovich) Frade, a Detroit native, graduated from Wayne State University with a BA '92, BSN '96, and M.Ed. in 2001. Karen began her career as a research assistant at Henry Ford Hospital, spending many years in the Neurology Research department. After returning to WSU to obtain her BSN, Karen returned to Henry Ford Hospital as a nurse primarily working in the Gastroenterology Department. Karen has spent many years teaching as an adjunct faculty member in the EACPHS as well as the College of Education. As a student, Karen received numerous scholarships and financial awards throughout her education and feels strongly about supporting students working hard to achieve their educational goals. In the summer of 1991 Peter and Karen, both employees of Henry Ford Hospital at the time, met in the elevator and immediately connected around their love for organic chemistry. They were married 8 months later. That same year Peter started teaching part-time in the pharmacy, mortuary science and pathologists' assistant programs. In 1996 Peter was offered a full-time position in the former Department of Mortuary Science which later became the Department of Fundamental and Applied Sciences at Wayne State University. Peter has served in various leadership positions in the Eugene Applebaum College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences including Chair, Fundamental and Applied Sciences and as Associate Dean for the EACPHS. Peter and Karen are beloved by their current and former students as well as their Colleagues. The college is forever grateful for the generosity and dedicating to Wayne State University and its programs.