Dr. MaryAnne Stewart supports faculty success through Wayne Women LEAD

Sara Maher, MaryAnne Stewart and Cathy Lysack
Left to right: Sara Maher, MaryAnne Stewart and Cathy Lysack

Last week, Wayne Women LEAD held the Next Level Career Leaders 4th Cohort Celebration Event — kudos to Assistant Clinical Professor of Clinical Laboratory Science MaryAnne Stewart for making it happen through her service on the planning committee. The program matches mentors to mentees interested in moving their careers forward. These pairs discuss career goals, create a career development plan, monitor progress and celebrate successes.

“I joined Wayne Women LEAD because I wanted to help other women succeed,” said Stewart. “I have become one of three subcommittee members to coordinate and run this annual program. Now in my second year, I am a mentor — I wish to share other women’s passion and experience, and celebrate their successes.”

There to cheer on all the Women Warriors were Associate Dean for Health Sciences and Clinical Professor of Physical Therapy Sara Maher and Professor of Occupational Therapy Cathy Lysack, who said, “Sara and I are so impressed by MaryAnne's leadership and dedication to advancing women within WSU. As a former mentee, she is now an active, effective mentor to other young faculty across the campus. This semester-long program aimed at advancing women in academia is a good initiative and we think there may be other young women in our college who might be interested in participating next semester.”

For more information, reach out to MaryAnne Stewart.

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