Candice Garwood Pharm.D., B.C.P.S.

Candice Garwood Pharm.D., B.C.P.S.

Associate Professor (Clinical)



Office location

EACPHS, Room 4143


Pharmacy Practice


Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Pharmacy Practice

Degrees and Certifications

PharmD, University of Texas at Austin, 2001

Board Certified Pharmaotherapy Specialist since 2004

Positions and Employment

2005-present, Clinical Associate Professor, Wayne State Universty

2005-present, Clinical Pharmacy Specialist, Harper University Hospital, Detroit Medical Center

2003-2005, Adjunct Assistant Professor, University of Iowa College of Pharmacy

2002-2005, Clinical Pharmacist, Liberty Pharmacy (North Liberty, IA)

2001-2002, Ambulatory Care Pharmacy Resident, St. Louis College of Pharmacy

Awards and Honors

President's Choice Award, Michigan Society of Health System Pharmacy, 2014

MPRO Governor's Award of Excellence for Reducing Adverse Drug Events. Awarded to the Rosa Parks Wellness Institute for Senior Health, 2014

American Society of Health System Pharmacy Best Practices Award, Advancing Pharmacy Practice in Transitions of Care: Post-Hospitalization Ambulatory Medication Reconciliation at a Patient Centered Medical Home, 2013

Innovative Practice Award, Southeastern Michigan Society of Health System Pharmacists, 2013

Fellow of the American College of Clinical Pharmacists, 2013

Excellence in Teaching Award, Wayne State University Eugene Applebaum College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, 2012

Professional Memberships

American College of Clinical Pharmacists

American Society of Health System Pharmacists

Michigan Society of Health System Pharmacists

Southeastern Michigan Society of Health System Pharmacists

Areas of Expertise

Anticoagulation; Geriatric Pharmacotherapy

Recent Publications

Selected Publications

O'Connell MB, Chang F, Tocco A, Mills ME, Hwang JM, Garwood CL, Khreizat HS, Gupta NS. Drug-Related Problem Outcomes and Program Satisfaction from a Comprehensive Brown Bag Medication Review. J Am Geriatr Soc. 2015 Aug 27 [Epub ahead of print]

Liu VC, Garwood CL. Transition of Care Post-Hospitalization Medication Reconciliation Program in a Patient Centered Medical Home and an Accountable Care Organization. Am J Health Syst Pharm. 2015;72:690-93.

Garwood CL, Curtis KD, Belanger GJ, Cardozo LJ, Turlo GE, Steinberg JD, Lepczyk, M. Preliminary Data from A Pharmacist-Managed Anticoagulation Clinic Embedded in a Multidisciplinary Patient Centered Medical Home: A Coordinated, Quality, Cost-Savings Model. J Am Geriatr Soc. 2014;62(3):536-40.

Nigro SC, Garwood CL, Berlie H, Irons B, Longyhore D, McFarland MS, Saseen JJ, Trewet CB. Clinical Pharmacists as Key Members of the Patient-Centered Medical Home: An Opinion Statement of the Ambulatory Care Practice and Research Network of the American College of Clinical Pharmacy. Pharmacotherapy. 2014;34(1):96-108.

Johnson JL, Garwood CL, Moser LR. Health Literacy: A Primer for Pharmacists. Am J Health Syst Pharm. 2013;70:949-55.

Hwang JM, Taylor TN, Sharma KP, Clemente JL, Garwood CL. Bridging for an Isolated Subtherapeutic INR: an Evaluation of Clinical Practice Patterns, Outcomes, and Costs from an Anticoagulation Clinic. J Thromb Thrombolys. 2012 ;33(1):28-37.

Khreizat HS, Whittaker P, Curtis KD, Turlo G, Garwood CL. The Effect of Cognitive Impairment in the Elderly on the Initial and Long-Term Stability of Warfarin Therapy. Drugs Aging. 2012;29(4):307-17.

Salinitri FD, O'Connell ME, Garwood CL, Tutag-Lehr V, Abdallah K. An Objective Structured Clinical Examination to Assess Problem-Based Learning. Am J Pharm Educ. 2012;76(3):44.

Garwood CL, Hwang J, Moser LR. Striking a Balance Between the Risks and Benefits of Anticoagulation Bridging in Patients with Atrial Fibrillation: Clinical Updates and Remaining Controversies. Pharmacotherapy. 2011;31(12):1208-20.

Hwang JM, Clemente J, Sharma KP, Taylor TN, Garwood CL. Transportation Cost of Anticoagulation Clinic Visits in an Urban Setting. J Manag Care Pharm. 2011;17(8):635-40.

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