Pharmacy Practice, Physical Therapy initiatives earn University Assessment Grants

Eugene Applebaum College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences teams were among the inaugural awardees of Wayne State University Assessment Grants as announced by Provost Keith Whitfield on Sept. 10, 2018. Seven grants were awarded across the university; two of those were to EACPHS initiatives. The winners were selected by a committee of 13 faculty and University Assessment Council members from across campus.

Awardees in EACPHS 

Pharmacy Practice
Development and implementation of a new capstone course with objective structured clinical examinations (OSCEs) prior to advanced pharmacy practice experiences in a Pharm.D. program
Pharmacy Practice will create and pilot authentic assessments to determine students’ readiness for clinical placement and the effectiveness of the new capstone course for supporting program learning outcomes.
Justine Gortney
Francine Salinitri
Brittany Stewart
Joseph Fava
Physical Therapy
Interprofessional collaboration assessment of physical therapy students in their final clinical experiences physical therapy
Physical Therapy faculty and students will undertake professional development and training to implement a recently piloted assessment for a new learning outcome required by their disciplinary accreditor and evaluate the effectiveness of the implementation.
Martha Schiller
Kristina Reid
"These individuals are working to enhance student learning outcomes through improvements to their programs’ assessment practices," Whitfield said in the announcement. "While many high-quality proposals were submitted, the selected projects stood out for their clear focus on student learning through improvements to core program assessment practices; broad engagement of stakeholders; and high potential for a significant impact on students, faculty and staff."

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