Room reservations

Within the Eugene Applebaum College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Learning Resource Center (LRC), located on the lower level of our building at 259 Mack Ave. near the Commons, there are twelve furnished study rooms that can be reserved for group study. You and your study group can now interact in a defined, private environment within the college. Please read the guidelines and policies below before booking your space through the online room reservation system.

Please note: As of May 5, 2023, students must make a reservation to utilize study rooms within the Learning Resource Center. 

Reserve a room


  1. The LRC has twelve (12) furnished study rooms. Room reservations may be made online using the EMS Scheduling System. Room 300.4 is only available while the library is open. 
  2. Rooms can be reserved up to 7 days in advance. Rooms may be used by individuals or groups. Reservations are assigned in 2-hour blocks of time. A reservation may be renewed if not reserved by another patron.
  3. Each room is equipped with whiteboards, dry-erase markers, and erasers. The service desk will supply markers and erasers as needed.
  4. Rooms will be held for 15 minutes following reservation time. After 20 minutes, the reservation is subject to cancellation and the room will be released.
  5. Items/property left unattended in the study rooms for 15 minutes or more will be removed and placed in the library lost and found.
  6. Staff cannot supply the names of patrons who have checked out rooms.
  7. The LRC is a quiet study space, so please monitor volume of conversation.
  8. Please whisper in the main open area of the LRC; it is a quiet study space.
  9. Normal speaking voices are permitted in the study rooms. The rooms are NOT soundproof.
  10. Room capacity is set within EMS. Do not exceed room capacity.
  11. Sealed drinks and snacks are allowed; no deliveries or full meals.

Policy statement

  1. Learning Resource Center (LRC) patrons are expected to behave in a manner consistent with the Wayne State University Student Code of Conduct and prevailing community standards. 
  2. Activities that are disruptive to others are not allowed in the group study rooms.
  3. Rooms cannot be reserved for meetings.
  4. Only covered/lidded, non-alcoholic beverages are permitted.
  5. Small, packaged snack items only will be allowed – no deliveries. This guideline may be subject to change without notice.


  1. Anyone engaged in unpermitted activities will be asked to vacate the room.
  2. Violation of these guidelines could lead to loss of study room privileges.

Reserve a room