Publication and presentation of student research

Productive research projects result in publishable findings, and student publication of research is an expectation. Students are expected to present their research findings at national and regional research conferences.  Both the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences and the Graduate School offer support for graduate students to present at meetings.  In addition, graduate student support to attend relevant scientific meetings and conferences is also available through individual faculty research awards.

Research facilities and environment

The Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, located in EACPHS, is well-equipped for the conduct of contemporary research in medicinal chemistry, pharmacokinetics, drug delivery, biochemical pharmacology, molecular biology, neuropharmacology, drug metabolism, and toxicology.  Among the major pieces of analytical equipment housed in and near the Department are a 400 MHZ NMO, an LC-MS-MS, DNA synthesizer, several high performance liquid chromatographs, gas chromatograph with a mass spectrometry interface, as well as nuclear magnetic resonance, infrared, atomic absorption and ultraviolet/visible spectrophotometers.  Computer-assisted drug design in medicinal chemistry is facilitated by the availability of a complete molecular modeling system. In addition, the Department has facilities and equipment for studies utilizing radioisotopes and cell/tissue cultures and for work in neuropharmacology and behavioral pharmacology.  Located nearby is the Department of Chemistry, which houses the Wayne State University Chemistry Research Instrument Facility, including several mass spectrometers, with both GC and LC interfaces, NMRs and a DNA synthesizer. Researchers in the Department also have access to the services provided by the Macromolecular Core (for both sequencing and synthesis) and Flow Cytometry facilities in the EACPHS. The department also has a state-of-the-art inhalation exposure facility for small animals for toxicological studies.

WSU Libraries offer reference and research support, interlibrary loan, circulation and course reserve services, document delivery and library and information literacy programs.  The libraries utilize and support the latest information technologies to provide state-of-the-art access to instructional and research materials, and provide a range of study environments from silent to interactive and include a 24-hour facility.  The Vera Parshall Shiffman Medical Library is located adjacent to the School of Medicine at the Detroit Medical Center, and the Science Library is located nearby on Main Campus. The Learning Resources Center, located within EACPHS, maintains a library of major journals and books relevant to the Pharmaceutical Sciences and is an integral part of the university library system.