Seminar attendance

All students in the graduate program are required to attend the weekly departmental seminars. In addition to the public thesis/dissertation defense, all master's degree students must present one (1) departmental seminar, and all doctoral students must present a minimum of three (3) departmental seminars.

Both master’s and doctoral students will register for one credit of seminar, PSC 7850, in the Spring/Summer semester of their first year to provide their first seminar. The seminar should be 30 minutes in length and describe a research experience during the first year in the graduate program. After the first academic year, all students will register each winter semester for one (1) credit of PSC 7860.

Doctoral students should schedule their second seminar during the Winter semester of their second year. The seminar shall be on a topic not directly related to students' dissertation work. Students should select topics in concert with their research advisor and must be approved by that semester’s seminar coordinator not less than two weeks prior to the scheduled seminar. Furthermore, students must make available to the department a two-page outline or summary of the seminar, including pertinent references. The outline/summary must be approved by the semester’s seminar coordinator, who will deliver it to the department faculty, students, and staff by e-mail not less than one week prior to the seminar. Failure to comply with this requirement shall result in a lowering of the seminar grade by one full letter grade.

Doctoral students should scheduler their third seminar during the Winter semester of their third year subsequent to completion of the Qualifying Examination. The seminar shall be on the topic of students' dissertation research.