Registration requirements

All graduate students are required to register for a minimum of one (1) credit hour during each semester, including summer, until such time as all degree requirements are fulfilled. Students who have registered for the full number of thesis/dissertation research credits but have not completed their thesis should register for one (1) credit of thesis/dissertation research under "audit" until their thesis is defended, and approved. Failure to register or to be granted a leave of absence may result in dismissal from the program.

The Plan of Work, which delineates the sequence of courses required for degree completion, must be submitted to the Graduate School by doctoral students prior to registering for courses in their fourth semester in the program. Master's students must submit a Plan of Work to the college graduate officer prior to completing 12 credit hours of coursework or prior to registering for courses in their fourth semester, whichever comes first

Leave of Absence

A leave of absence is defined as an absence from the Graduate Program of a duration of any length up to and including one (1) semester or longer. A leave of absence shall only be permitted for extenuating personal or medical reasons. A leave of absence for maternity reasons is considered a medical leave of absence.

Students requesting a leave of absence from the Graduate Program must submit a written request, approved by the student’s advisor, to the Chairperson of the Curriculum Sub-committee. Requests for medical leaves of absence must be accompanied by a signed affidavit from the student's physician. This shall contain an indication of the degree of impairment, date of initiation and anticipated duration. All requests for leaves of absence longer than two (2) weeks will be reviewed by the chairperson of the Curriculum Sub-committee and the student notified in writing of the action. Requests for extension of an authorized leave of absence shall be made following the same procedures as the initial request.

Students granted a leave of absence from the program may be required to do remedial work, depending upon the length of time the student is away from the program.

Unauthorized/unexcused absences may result in dismissal from the program.

Leaves of absence of students are subject to WSU policies for the Non-Represented employees, including the provisions of the Family Medical Leave Act.