Primary Investigator

Nora FritzNora Fritz, assistant professor of physical therapy and neurology


Lab Members

David HenningDavid Henning, Postdoctoral Research Fellow

David completed his PhD at Michigan State University and is currently studying cognitive-motor interactions in persons with neurologic disorders

Erin EdwardsErin Edwards, PhD Student

Erin is pursuing a PhD in the Translational Neuroscience Program at WSU

Emily MyersEmily Myers, Undergraduate Student

Emily is a Neuroscience major at WSU interested in linking neuroimaging with clinically observable function

Melissa AnsaraMelissa Ansara, Undergraduate Student

Melissa is a Kinesology major interested in increasing physical activity in persons with neurologic disorders

Primary Collaborators

Kathy ZackowskiKathy Zackowski, Johns Hopkins University and Kennedy Krieger Institute

Deborah Kegelmeyer, The Ohio State University

Anne Kloos, The Ohio State University

Deborah Larsen, The Ohio State University

Lori QuinnLori Quinn, Columbia University, Teacher's College

Monica BusseMonica Busse, Cardiff University

Ani EloyanAni Eloyan, Brown University

Anna KratzAnna Kratz, University of Michigan

Noelle Carlozzi

Noelle Carlozzi, University of Michigan

Lab alumni

Mareena AtallaMareena Atalla

Mareena is pursuing a PhD in Clinical Psychology at Wayne State University 

Kirsten CunninghamKirsten Cunningham 

Kristen is pursuing a MPH at IUPUI

Lauren WatersLauren Waters

Lauren is a social worker and clinical psychotherapist at Simply Mindful Counseling in Plymouth, Michigan

Manon NittaManon Nitta

Manon is pursuing an MPH at University of Michigan 

no photoJohn Adams

John is a physical therapy student at Western Michigan University 

no photoAndre Cabalang 

Andre is a physical therapy student at University of Illinois at Chicago

no photoKathy Xavier

Kathy is a physical therapy student at Western Michigan University 

no photoBianca Fulara

Bianca is pursuing a Masters in Sports Management at University of Michigan

Special thanks to Tziporah Thompson for the design of our lab logo.

Posters and presentations

NNL Members presenting research at the 2018 Society for Neuroscience Meeting

Erin poster session photoKirsten poster session photoMarenna Poster session photoLab group at Poster Session