Happy National Radiologic Technology Week to our Radiation Therapy Technology program!

By Radiation Therapy Technology Program Director Jeannetta Greer

On November 7-13, we celebrate National Radiologic Technology Week to acknowledge radiation therapists and all they do for their patients.

RTT student Kaylee Bell with her Ascension-Webber team
RTT student Kaylee Bell with her Ascension-Webber team.

Wayne State’s Eugene Applebaum College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Radiation Therapy Technology program would like to take this opportunity to thank all radiation therapists for their dedication in caring for cancer patients and their families.

Radiation therapists are highly trained and skilled in treating patients with cancer and other non-cancerous diseases. It takes not only highly skilled and trained individuals, but individuals with caring hearts and compassion to do the work that radiation therapists do. We want to thank all the clinical sites that teach our students, providing them with the skills needed to become highly skilled, trained and compassionate radiation therapists.

Together with Assistant Clinical Professor Alisa Kagen and Clinical Coordinator Kurt Frederick, we salute you and send a big shout-out to all the wonderful therapists involved in assisting our students to reach their goals.

Recently, our students picked a few therapists who really helped mentor and instruct them in their clinical rotations. Although it was a tough decision, our students selected three outstanding radiation therapists for recognition. 

Best Radiation Therapists in honor of National Radiologic Technology Week
Mark Fowler, Webber Cancer Center at St. John
Essam Qasim, Henry Ford Hospital-Detroit
Renee Charchol, Mercy Health-ToledoHeart art made of positive adjectives

Honorable mentions include:
Alicia Spiller, Constance Brown and Marvin Thomas, Karmanos Cancer Center
Kristen Krantz and Chelsey Brachulis, Weisberg Center
Kelly Fowler and Deanna Rogowski, ProMedica Monroe
Gerard Szyndlar, Ascension-Webber 

Thank you all for your wonderful attributes of being resourceful, attentive, dedicated, innovative and all the other adjectives highlighted in the heart art shown here.

Radiation therapists have a unique opportunity to blend the knowledge and skills of mathematics, science and psychology in their daily work. Radiation therapists operate sophisticated radiation equipment to treat malignant tissue, assist in designing cancer treatment through the use of 3D computer-generated calculations, recognize when a patient is having additional medical problems that require a doctor's attention and provide psychological support for patients who are dealing with the stress of their illness. The bachelor of science in Radiation Therapy Technology is offered through Wayne State’s Eugene Applebaum College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences with an application deadline of Nov. 30. 


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