Victoria Tutag Lehr Pharm.D.

Victoria Tutag Lehr Pharm.D.


Professor (Clinical)

Office Location

EACPHS, Room 4144





Pharmacy Practice


Associate Professor (clinical), Department of Pharmacy Practice

Victoria Tutag Lehr Pharm.D.

Degrees and Certifications

B.S. Pharmacy Ferris State University 1978
Doctor of Pharmacy Wayne State University 1987

Awards and Honors

2003 FDA/NICHD Task Force for Newborn Drug Initiatives

Professional Memberships

American College of Clinical Pharmacy (ACCP)

Primary Research Interest

Pediatric pain assessment and management

Recent Publications

  1. Anand KJS, Johnston CC, Oberlander TF, Taddio A, Tutag Lehr V, Walco GA.  Analgesia and local anesthesia during invasive procedures in the neonate.  Clin Ther. Jun 2005;27(6);844-76.
  2. Aranda JV, Carlo W, Hummel P, Thomas R, Tutag Lehr V, Anand KJS: Analgesia and Anesthesia in newborns during mechanical ventilation. Clinical Ther. 2005 Jun;27(6):877-99.
  3. Tutag Lehr V, Cepeda E, Frattarelli DAC, Thomas R, LaMothe J, Aranda JV. Lidocaine 4% cream (L.M.X.4) for anesthesia during newborn circumcision.  Am J Perinatol. 2005 Jul;22(5):231-7.
  4. Anand KJS, Aranda JV, Berde CB, Buckman S, Capparelli EV, Carlo W, Hummel P, Johnston C, Lantos J, Tutag-Lehr V, Lynn AM, Maxwell LG, Oberlander TF, Raju TNK, Soriano SG, Taddio A, Walco GA. Summary proceedings from the Neonatal Pain control Group.  Pediatrics 2006 Mar117(3 Pt 2):S9-S22.
  5. Du W, Warrier I, Tutag Lehr V, Salari V, Ostrea E, Aranda JV. Changing patterns of Drug Utilization in a Neonatal Intensive Care population.  Am J Perinatol 23;(5):279-285. E pub 2006 June 22, 2006.
  6. Tutag Lehr V, Zeskind PS, Ofenstein JP, Cepeda E, Warrier I, Aranda JV.  Neonatal Facial Coding System Scores and Spectral Characteristics of Infant Crying during Newborn Circumcision. Clin J Pain 2007 Jun;23(5):417-24.
  7. Tutag Lehr V, Taddio A. Practical approach to topical anesthetics in the neonate. Seminars in Perinatol 2007;31(5):323-29.
  8. Abdulhamid I, Wise T, Andrew S, Biglin K, Tutag Lehr V. Elevated tobramycin serum concentration after use of tobramycin inhalation in infants. Pharmacotherapy 2008;28(7): 939-44.
  9. Munzenberger PJ, Thomas R, Baringhaus S, Tutag Lehr V. Pharmacists Perceived Knowledge and Expertise in Selected Pediatric Topics  J Pediatr Pharmacol Ther 2011;16:(1)4754.
  10. Tutag Lehr V, BeVier P. Make the Pain Go Away Pediatric Pain Management: Update for Pharmacists, Part I: Pain Assessment and Opioid Analgesics. Michigan Pharmacist 2011; 49: March/April:11.
  11. Tutag Lehr V. Make the Pain Go Away Pediatric Pain Management: Update for Pharmacists, Part II: Non- Opioid Analgesics. Michigan Pharmacist 2011; 50: June/July:12:   

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