Conversations With the Dean connects Dr. Brian Cummings with students from each program

Dean Brian Cummings

To kick off his first fall semester as dean of the Eugene Applebaum College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Dr. Brian Cummings is sitting down with select groups of students from each program to hear their thoughts and field their questions. Throughout September and into the first week of October, the college is inviting faculty-selected students for cookies and conversation around the dean's conference table.

The event series began on Sept. 9 with first-year PharmD students, just two weeks after they received their white coats. On Sept. 14, second-year Occupational Therapy and third-year Physical Therapy students gathered for an interdisciplinary chat. Most recently, on Sept. 16, P2s enjoyed snacks and a pep talk before heading off to class for a quiz. Each gathering included faculty representatives from those programs.

"These conversations have been incredibly energizing," Cummings said. "It's always great to meet the future of our professions and hear about their stories and their goals. It’s also been great to get their input on everything from what we are doing to ensure their health and safety during these times to suggestions on enhancing the college's missions toward research, teaching, and ensuring diversity, equity and inclusion."

Conversations with the Dean event
OT and PT students gather with faculty for a lively discussion.

The events will pick up again the last week of September with sessions for students from the Radiation Therapy Technology, Nurse Anesthesia, Physician Assistant Studies, Radiologic Technology and Pharmaceutical Sciences programs, plus third-year PharmD students. Then, on Oct. 6, the show moves up Woodward Avenue to the Mortuary Science building, where the dean will meet with students from the Clinical Laboratory Science, Mortuary Science, Pathologists' Assistant and Forensic Investigation programs. 

When participating students received their invitations, they were encouraged to reach out to their classmates to solicit questions and feedback for their new dean. To date, conversations have touched on what brought everyone to WSU Applebaum, what they hope to do following graduation and how everyone is adjusting to in-person learning after a long pandemic absence from campus.

See below for the group pictures we've snagged so far, and keep tabs on our Conversations With the Dean Flickr album, where new photos are being added after each event.

Brian Cummings and Susan Davis with P1 students
Dean Brian Cummings and Dr. Susan Davis with P1 students.
Brian Cummings and Lynette Moser with P2 students
Dean Brian Cummings and Dr. Lynette Moser with P2 students.
Brian Cummings, Peter Frade, Kristina Reid, Sara Maher with OT and PT students
Dean Brian Cummings, Dr. Peter Frade, Dr. Sara Maher, and Prof. Kristina Reid with OT and PT students. 


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