Professor Moh Malek teaching practical applications of statistics workshop in Graduate School’s Professional Development Series

Moh MalekEugene Applebaum College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Professor of Physical Therapy Moh Malek has been invited back by the Wayne State University Graduate School to teach a workshop, Practical Applications of Statistics. The workshop takes place on Zoom from 1-4 p.m. on Feb. 14, 2023.

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In fall 2020 and spring 2021, Malek taught a three-session workshop in ANOVA and Regression analyses, respectively as part of the WSU Graduate School Professional Development Series, which is free and geared toward graduate students and post-docs of all programs.

Associate Dean of Student Career Development Todd Leff, who organized and moderated Malek’s previous workshops, said, “The initial workshops were conducted to determine if there was an appetite among our graduate students and post-docs for such a topic. Well, Moh’s workshops were one of the most positively received in our series. We even had faculty attend the workshop. I know some attendees reached out to Moh afterward and have continued to seek his help with their statistical concerns periodically. This year we already have 100 registered for the workshop.”

Malek said, “I’m always humbled when students, post-docs, or faculty reach out to me to chat about statistics and/or research design. Plus, I also learn new concepts from these discussions that I can potentially use in my research.”

The word "statistics" evokes stress and anxiety for many researchers. However, Malek's Practical Applications of Statistics will provide guidance on how to perform and interpret statistical procedures used to compare differences between and within groups. Attendees will learn the SPSS statistical package using sample data sets.

A copy of Malek's statistics textbook, Advanced Statistics for Kinesiology and Exercise Science: A Practical Guide to ANOVA and Regression Analyses, will be provided, upon request, to graduate and post‑doc workshop attendees. 

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