PharmD/PhD Dual Program

The Wayne State University PharmD/PhD program is a unique dual degree program in which students complete both a PharmD as well as a PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences. The program combines both the existing PharmD and PhD programs in Pharmaceutical Sciences.


The objective of the PharmD/PhD program is to train students to combine the clinical education received in the PharmD program with the basic science research learned during the PhD program to yield highly gifted clinician-researchers. Students who complete the program will be well positioned to conduct in-depth research in areas related to the science of pharmacy.


Students who graduate with a PharmD/PhD will be able to operate in a multidisciplinary setting that combines clinical as well as basic research. Students will be well positioned for opportunities in academia, biomedical and biotechnology companies.

Criteria for admission

Students must be in good academic standing in the PharmD program with a GPA of at least 3.0. Students may not have received a grade of less than C in any course. Students must have a BS or BA degree prior to joining the PharmD/PhD degree. Prior research experience or participating in the Research Scholars Track is not required but encouraged. A GRE exam is not required; however, students must have taken the PCAT exam and scored above the 50th percentile.


Students must first apply and be accepted into the Wayne State PharmD program. Students wishing to apply to the PharmD/PhD program must do so by the end of the fall semester of their P2 year. Applicants must fill out the application form, submit a copy of their current transcript, a letter of reference from a faculty member and a personal statement of purpose outlining their research interests. The form is evaluated by the Director of the Graduate Program. Students are informed of their acceptance during the winter semester of the P2 year.

Time to degree

It is expected that most students will take eight years to complete the program. The time to degree is dependent on the research productivity during the PhD phase of the program.


The program is divided into two phases. In the PharmD phase, students focus mainly on the PharmD degree. During this phase, students must use their electives to complete directed studies classes to conduct research in a lab. The PhD phase begins at the completion of the PharmD program and ends upon a successful defense of a dissertation. During the PharmD phase, students are encouraged to conduct research in the laboratory of their research advisor to generate the necessary research data needed for the dissertation. Once students enter the PhD phase, they will be provided a stipend, fringe benefits and full tuition to cover the cost of the PhD portion of the program.