PharmD students, alumni representing WSU Applebaum at IDWeek 2019

IDWeek 2019, the Infectious Diseases Society of America's annual meeting that draws scholars from around the world, is happening Oct. 1-6 in Washington DC, and a handful of WSU Applebaum students, alumni and faculty are there presenting their research.

Chris Miller (P3) 

Chris miller at IDWeek 2019
PharmD student Chris Miller presented a patient case he has used to study genetic and physiological changes in methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus as it moves from a bloodstream isolate to a stable, persistent infection. He identified optimal antimicrobial therapies predicted to be effective against All MRSA sub populations. He was one of only six scholars selected from several thousand international research scientists to give an oral presentation. Miller is part of the Research Scholars program at WSU Applebaum working with Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice Andrew Berti on strategies to improve antistaphylococcal pharmacotherapy outcomes. The project is being conducted in Berti's lab with the support of Research Associate Somrita Dey, and Research Assistants Pushkar Kulkarni and Paula Smolenski.

Annelise Jongekrijg (P3)

Annie and Jamie with poster
PharmD student Annelise Jongekrijg (left) and 2019 alumna Jamie George shared their poster, "Effect of Treatment Duration on Outcomes in Septic Patients Admitted for Urinary Tract Infections from Extended Care Facilities." Jongekrijg's mentor for the project is Professor of Pharmacy Practice Pramodini B. Kale-Pradhan. 

Jamie George '19

Jamie George with poster
Recent PharmD graduate Jamie George '19 presented her poster, "Outcomes of Patients with Positive Procalcitonin Levels Who Do Not Receive Continued Antibiotics." George also worked with Kale-Pradhan.

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