Professor Kramer represents pathologists' assistant profession at Detroit middle school career fair

Dr. Kramer at Career DayWayne State University Assistant Professor (Clinical) Veralucia Mendes-Kramer was invited by the National Heritage Academies to participate in Career Day at Warrendale Charter Academy in Detroit for all their middle schoolers. Kramer is the WSU Applebaum pathologists' assistant program director and represented the profession at the Nov. 13 event.

More than 200 students attended. Students met with each career representative to get answers for questions such as: what field does your profession falls under, what educational requirements do you need, what is the degree you need to practice your profession, what is the salary, number of work hours per week, expected age at retirement, job description, and why is your job important.

Other Career Day representatives explained careers in law, the beauty industry, the music industry, engineering, the fire department, manufacturing, nursing and physician assistant. 

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