WSU Applebaum Research Day award winners announced

On Wednesday, Oct. 16, 2019, the Eugene Applebaum College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences hosted its 16th annual Research Day. Trauma immunologist Timothy R. Billiar, MD, delivered the keynote lecture, "The Evolution of Our Understanding of the Immune Response to Injury," and participated in student poster evaluation.

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Awards were announced as follows:

Student poster awards

Health Sciences

  • First place: Paul Ghazali (Abstract No. 21)
    Comparison of a Novel Immediate Feedback Tool vs. Scantron on Student Retention of Knowledge 
    Authors: Paul Ghazali, Dr. Jennifer Dickson, Dr. Sara Maher, Dr. Tina Pa 
  • Second place, Kristin Robertson (Abstract No. 26)
    The Effect of a Wearable Sensor Visual Biofeedback on the Ability to Maintain a Neutral Spine
    Authors: Kristen Robertson, SPT; Rachel Smith, SPT; Marie Eve Pepin, PT; Sujay Galen, PT; Ryan Kilgore, SPT; Nicholas Mychalowych, SPT; Catherine Macleod

Pharmacy Practice

  • First place: Annelise Jongekrijg (Abstract No. 53)
    Effect of Treatment Duration on Outcomes in Septic Patients Admitted for Urinary Tract Infections from Extended Care Facilities
    Authors: Annelise Jongekrijg, Pharm.D. Candidate; Jamie George, Pharm.D.; Pramodini B. Kale‐Pradhan, Pharm.D.; Leonard B. Johnson, MD
  • Second place: Christopher Miller (Abstract No. 71)
    Distinct Subpopulations of Intravalvular Methicillin‐Resistant Staphylococcus aureus With Variable Susceptibility to Daptomycin in Tricuspid Valve Endocarditis
    Authors: Christopher R. Miller; Somrita Dey; Paula D. Smolenski; Pushkar S. Kulkarni; Jonathan M. Monk; Richard Szubin; George Sakoulas; Andrew D. Berti

Pharmaceutical Sciences

  • First place, Huong (Rachel) Nguyen (Abstract No. 36)
    A metformin‐methylglyoxal imidazolinone metabolite (IMZ) increases nitric oxide production and angiogenesis in primary endothelial cells
    Authors: Huong Nguyen, Ph.D. Candidate; Jiemei Wang, Ph.D.; Terrence J. Monks, Ph.D.
  • Second place, Majed Alharbi (Abstract No. 28)
    Protein Ubiquitinome of Primary Human Skeletal Muscle Cells
    Authors: Majed Alharbi, PharmD, MS; Aktham Mestareehi, MS; Berhane Seyoum, MD; Xiangmin Zhang, PhD; Zhengping Yi, PhD


  • First place, Sara Alosaimy (Abstract No. 16) 
    Impact of Vancomycin Area Under Curve on Persistent Methicillin‐Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) Bloodstream Infections (BSI)
    Authors: Alosaimy, S.; Jorgensen, S.C.J.; Lagnf, A.M.; Zasowski, E. J.; Trang, T.D.; Mynatt, R.P.; Pogue J.M., Rybak M.J.
  • Second place: Chunna Guo (Abstract No. 11)
    A proteomic and phosphprotoemic approach to identify genes and pathways potentially Mediating the impact of Cadmium on liver cancer
    Authors: Chunna Guo, PhD; Nicholas Carruthers, PhD; Supuni Thalalla Gamage, PhD; Namhee Shin; Judy Westrick, PhD; Paul Stemmer, PhD; Wanqing Liu, PhD


  • Lindsay Gburek (Abstract No. 81)
    The Relationship Between Stress and Depression Among Student Registered Nurse Anesthetists During Three Stages of Curriculum
    Authors: Lindsay Gburek, BSN, RN; Rachel Mastay, BSN, RN; Kristen Warnick, BSN, RN; Javier Zarate, BSN, RN


  • Xhenis Brahimi (Abstract No.91)
    Abnormal Structure of Fear Circuitry in Children with Cancer‐Related Posttraumatic Stress
    Authors: Xhenis Brahimi; Hilary Marusak, PhD; Christine Rabinak, PhD

Junior Faculty Research Recognition Award

  • Wassim Tarraf '02, '10, Assistant Professor of Occupational Therapy
    Tarraf's research evaluates disparities in health, health behavior, and health care access and use among racial/ethnic minorities in the United States and investigates the social determinants of health and health care.

Faculty Research Recognition Award

  • Zhengping Yi, Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences
    Scientific developments resulting from Zi's work has had lasting and meaningful effects on diabetes patients across the world. 

Staff recognition

  • Marissa Rossman, Administrative Assistant to the Dean
  • Daisy Wright, Director of Administrative Services

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