Tips from CAPS: Reducing new-semester anxiety

By Estenia Elisevich, MSW Intern   

The start of a new semester can feel overwhelming. There are many things to do, new things to learn, new things to get done, and sometimes we forget to take care of ourselves.

Organization is often the last thing we think of while struggling with all these demands. But being organized can help reduce anxiety triggered by a new semester.

Here are some tips to reduce anxiety:  

  • Review the syllabus for every course and note important dates.   

  • Keep track of these important dates in one location — agenda, bullet journal, hanging calendar.

  • Get familiar with Outlook, which has features like a calendar, task list and reminders.  

  • Schedule a weekly meeting with yourself to review tasks and important dates.  

  • Schedule 15-30 minutes daily for self-care. One way to do that:  

A Method to Release Tension   

  1. Put your feet flat on the floor.  
  2. With your hands, grab underneath the chair.   
  3. Push down with your feet and pull up on your chair at the same time for about five seconds.  
  4. Relax for five to 10 seconds.  
  5. Repeat the procedure two or three times, then relax all your muscles.  

Want to learn more about coping with anxiety? CAPS invites you to our BEAT ANXIETY at EACPHS workshop, with five segments starting at noon on Thursday, Jan. 27. RSVP by writing to

WSU Applebaum offers dedicated Counseling and Psychological Services support to students on a group or individual basis. To get started, visit and complete the initial consultation form, making sure to note that you are an EACPHS student. You can also reach out directly to Counselor Patti Dixon. If you need help after hours or on the weekend, call CAPS at 313-577-9982.

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