Pivoting during a pandemic Q&A: Andrew Moul

We asked physical therapy faculty members about how their lives at work and at home had been affected since the novel coronavirus was declared a pandemic in March 2020.

Assistant Clinical Professor Andrew Moul, DPT with board certification in neurologic physical therapy

Main mission:

To help educate well-rounded, compassionate, knowledgeable clinicians who are not only great PTs but will contribute to actively pushing our profession in new directions.Andrew Moul

How the pandemic has affected that mission:

It is harder to be well-rounded when your teaching modalities are reduced significantly. This has pushed us to be more creative and flexible in delivering content while at the same time finding new ways to make personal connections through a less-than-ideal medium.

A positive outcome of the pandemic:

Spending more time with family that I otherwise would have spent at work. I love working hard, but it has been very nice to have more family dinners, more movie nights and less time worrying about getting to the next “thing.”

A challenging aspect of the pandemic:

Seeing how disproportionately this crisis has affected parts of our communities. I have been fortunate enough to continue to work through this crisis, but many of my patients and their families have not. The uneven application of health care continues to drive my passion for teaching students to worry less about how much money they will make one day and more about how they can change the system.

Recent program or research advisee achievements:

The relationships we started to build last year with Metro Detroit Sled Hockey (pictured) as part of PT Day of Service, as well as the lobbying efforts as part of APTA Michigan’s Legislative Advocacy Day.Andrew Moul at sled hockey practice

Recent personal achievement:

Being a part of my first publication in the Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Dijkers MP, Ward I, Annaswamy T, et al. The Quality of Rehabilitation Clinical Practice Guidelines: An overview study of AGREE II appraisals [published online ahead of print, May 10, 2020].

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