Curriculum for the Bachelor of Health Science with Laboratory Science concentration

The Bachelor of Health Science (BHS) with a concentration in Laboratory Science is designed to provide students with the necessary coursework to either continue with MLS studies after graduation or to apply to graduate programs in a health care field of their choice. Clinical experience is not included in this degree. The Wayne State Bulletin contains pre-professional requirements as well as all course descriptions

The BHS professional curriculum breakdown by semester is below.

Fall Year 1

  • MLS 3100—Urine and Body Fluid Analysis—3 cr
  • MLS 3080—Instrumentation—4 cr
  • MLS 5500—Immunology—3 cr
  • MLS 4040—Lab Operations—3 cr (optional)*

Total = 10-13 cr

Winter Year 1

MLS 3020—Hematology I—4 cr

  • MLS 3040—Immunohematology I—4 cr (optional)*
  • MLS 4210—Hemostasis—2 cr
  • MLS 5510—Diagnostic Micro I—4 cr

Total = 10-14 cr

Spring/Summer Year 1

  • MLS 5530—Sim Lab—2 cr (optional)*
  • MLS 5550—Molecular Diagnostics—3 cr

Total = 3-5 cr

Fall Year 2

  • MLS 3280—Clinical Chemistry Lec & Lab—4 cr
  • MLS 4230—Hematology II—3 cr
  • MLS 4240—Immunohematology II—3 cr (optional)*
  • MLS 5520—Diagnostic Micro II—4 cr

Total = 11-14 cr

Winter Year 2

Approved electives (if needed to have 120 credits required to graduate):

Suggested courses include MLS 4990/CLS Professional Directed Study (1-4 credits), PHI 1110/Ethical Issues in Health Care (3 credits), PHI 2320/Introduction to Ethics (3 credits), PHY 2130-2131/General Physics (5 credits), PHY 2140-2141/General Physics (5 credits), NFS 2030/Nutrition and Health (3 credits), NFS 3230/Human Nutrition (3 credits), BIO 2600/Introduction to Cell Biology (3 credits), BIO 3070/Genetics (4 credits), BIO 3100/Cellular Biochemistry (3 credits), BIO 3200/Human Physiology (3 credits), BIO 4120 (WI)/Comparative Physiology Lecture (3 credits), PSY 2100/Psychology and the Workplace (3 credits), PSY 2410/Health Psychology (4 credits), and PSY 2600/Psychology of Social Behavior (3 credits).

Please note that some courses may have prerequisites.

*or approved elective