Pathologists' Assistant, CLS programs collaborate for deeper learning

On Oct. 29, 2019, a prosection opportunity – a dissection of a cadaver – was demonstrated by Assistant Professor (Clinical) and Pathologists' Assistant Program Director Veralucia Mendes-Kramer for undergraduate Clinical Laboratory Science students at the Wayne State University Mortuary Science Building.

"This experience not only grew the minds of our junior and senior CLS students, it also showed the commitment and collaboration these two programs have toward each other's discipline," said Assistant Professor (Clinical) MaryAnne Stewart of the Clinical Laboratory Science program.

"Embracing the values and ethics of interprofessional practice means working together while respecting the expertise of those in other disciplines," Stewart said. "Being aware of the professional roles and responsibilities of other team members; communicating effectively with patients, families and other health care professionals; and building relationships to plan, implement and evaluate safe care all contribute to the health of patients and communities." 

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