The Post-Bachelor Forensic Investigation program is to provide enhanced quality learning experiences through classroom didactics, special topics,directed studies, and internships for individuals whose professional backgrounds interface with disciplines within forensics, healthcare, criminal justice and medicolegal arenas. 

What is the Forensic Investigation program?

  • The program is designed for students with a bachelor's degree who wish to gain competence in the area of forensic investigation
  • Its aim is to educate personnel whose professional scope and practice interfaces with the criminal justice system
  • It is designed to provide police and fire inspectors, emergency service personnel, nurses, social workers and other public health professionals with the competencies essential to the process of forensic investigation
  • Upon completion of the program graduates will be knowledgeable in the areas of legal/ethical parameters, specimen collection and analysis, forensic anatomy, forensic psychology, the criminal justice system, and the application of photographic/evidence specialties