Research support

Administrative responsibilities for research and budget

  • Diane Adamo, Director of Research: 313-577-5625;
    • Research related issues, policies and approvals
  • Paul Kilgore, Director of Research for Pharmacy Practice: 313-577-1215;
    • Research related issues for the Department of Pharmacy Practice
  • Brandon Parker, Grants and Contracts Administrator: 313-577-1576;
    • Grant related issues, including grant preparations, pre- and post-award management

Grant preparation and timeline

The college research office needs a minimum of two working days for budget review, entry into eprop and required approvals before it is made available to the SPA. The Sponsored Program Administration (SPA) asks for full grant proposal, including final budget, at least three working days in advance (Guidelines exist for early review of budget and expedited approval over a short time). Therefore the recommended timeline for completion of full grant proposals and receipt in the college research office is at least five days in advance of the agency due date.

Cost share requests

The university does not encourage cost share requests on grant applications, except in cases where it is necessary or required by the funding agency. Cost share affects university revenue directly and the department and PI by reducing the indirect cost return.

Post-award management

Brandon Parker is responsible for the post-award management, including grant closeouts. He also prepares monthly budget reports, balances and budget projections for PIs.