Faculty Research Recognition Award

Nomination form

In recognition of outstanding research faculty within the Eugene Applebaum College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, we are pleased to announce the introduction of a revised version of the EACPHS Faculty Research Recognition Award. This award is directed at college faculty who have a distinguished track-record of research contributions while a member of EACPHS over the past 5 years. Faculty receiving the award will have been expected to have had a significant impact in their research area.

Application deadline: Sept. 23, 2020

  • In even years, nominations will be accepted for faculty in the Health Sciences division only.
  • In odd years, nominations will be accepted for faculty in the Pharmacy division only.

Award criteria

The faculty member will be expected to have published peer-reviewed or copyrighted documents highlighting research conducted primarily at Wayne State University. These publications should represent original work whose impact is judged to advance a specific area of knowledge. Factors that will be used to judge the impact of the research include: local, regional or national awards recognizing the contribution(s); external citations of the work, as noted in the following examples: in the Science Citation index, in the press or in any other media; and in patents, licensing agreements, or other forms of technology transfer emanating from the work. Grant awards intended to support research will not be considered valid award criteria in themselves.

Nomination process

Nominations for the awards may be submitted from any person (including self-nominations) in response to the annual solicitation from the Office of the EACPHS Dean. Complete nominations must be submitted online by Sept. 23, 2020. Nominations will be reviewed and selection of the award winner will be made by members of the College Research Committee.

Eligibility of past award recipients

Past awardees will not be considered again for the award in the five years subsequent to receiving the award. The main criteria for consideration following the non-eligibility period will heavily emphasize the outstanding accomplishments during the time period following the first award.

Award description

A single unrestricted cash award in the amount of $7,000, provided by the Office of the EACPHS Dean, will be conferred to a single EACPHS faculty member each year; funds to awardees will be deposited in the faculty member's R&D account. Award eligibility will alternate between the two divisions within the college (Health Sciences on "even" years and Pharmacy on "odd" years). Presentation of the award will be made at the College Research Day, followed by brief remarks by the awardee outlining their research.