Our goals and initiatives


Through our Council on Diversity and Inclusion (CoDI), the Eugene Applebaum College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences is actively working to create a transformative culture that embraces and diverse and inclusive environment, which is at the very core of achieving effectiveness, excellence and integrity in our teaching, research and service missions.

This culture will:

  • Drive more relevant learning experiences that will give our graduates competitive advantages in contributing to and leading in an increasingly diverse and rapidly evolving world
  • Expand the scope and relevance of our research by opening opportunities to benefit from the competitive advantage of diverse and inclusive projects and teams
  • Enable more meaningful service engagements within the college, university, region and world by incorporating a focus on the needs and strengths of all communities

Current initiatives

Leadership task force

  • Develop a written plan of communication specific to diversity and inclusion, complete with target audiences, messages and methods
  • Confirm human and financial resources designated for practical support of CoDI's strategic plan

Research and measurement

  • Design and implement an assessment of the current climate for diversity in the college
  • Define a measurement plan indicating the types of metrics that will be used to evaluate efforts in diversity and inclusion


  • Inventory the educational activities related to diversity and inclusion that currently exist in the college
  • Plan and oversee implementation of one additional educational activity related to diversity and inclusion

Management systems

  • Develop a report showing the existing profile of the college on race and gender, along with comparison data from competing institutions and/or available qualified pool data
  • Develop a report on the current process for student recruiting with recommendations for strengthening the process with respect to diversity and inclusion goals


  • Create a list of proposed and measurable diversity and inclusion goals for 2019-20
  • Write a definition of the place of diversity and inclusion in the accountability system of the college