Bachelor of Science in Clinical Laboratory Science

The program leading to the Bachelor of Science degree in Clinical Laboratory Science fulfills the requirements for clinical laboratory science education. A graduate from Wayne State University with this Bachelor of Science degree is eligible to take a national certification examination in Clinical Laboratory Science. The degree program consists of a preprofessional curriculum and a professional curriculum, as follows:

  • The freshman and sophomore years constitute the preprofessional program comprising the liberal arts and science courses taught by the faculty of the College of Liberal Arts and Science.
  • The junior year and part of the senior year constitutes the professional program and is taught by Clinical Laboratory Science faculty. The remainder of the senior year consists of the clinical rotation in an affiliated clinical laboratory.

Graduates of the CLS program are eligible to take a national certification examination, which is required for most hospital-based CLS positions. Many laboratories hire "registry-eligible" graduates with the understanding that the certification exam will be taken and passed within a specified period of time. Granting of the Bachelor of Science in Clinical Laboratory Science degree IS NOT contingent up the student's passing any type of external certification or licensure examination.

Bachelor of Health Science with a concentration in Laboratory Science

The Bachelor of Health Science with a concentration in Laboratory Science is an excellent degree for students who wish to specialize in laboratory studies or advanced medical training outside of the typical hospital or clinical laboratory setting. This program is designed to provide students with necessary coursework to either continue with CLS studies after graduation or to apply to graduate programs in a health care field of their choice. The clinical experience is not included in this degree. Graduates may apply to NAACLS-accredited institutions offering clinical training in this field.