Veterans Day Q&A with Assistant Clinical Professor of Nurse Anesthesia Valdor Haglund

Valdor HaglundValdor Haglund began teaching almost immediately upon graduation from the program in 1981. See his faculty bio for details, including a list of military decorations.

Q: In which branch of the military did you serve, during which years, and what was your final rank?

A: Branch of Service: U.S. Air Force (active duty: 1968-1972) Final Rank: Sergeant
Branch of Service: U.S. Army Reserve (1982-1991) Final Rank: Major 

Q: What made you decide to serve? 

A: The Vietnam War at the time (1968) and my dedication/desire to give back and serve our country.

Q: Did you know you wanted to go into health care when you enlisted or did something happen during your service that pointed you toward that career path?

A: Did not know about health care paths as an enlisted man, but chose to re-enter the military (USAR) after completing my training as a nurse anesthetist.

Q: What brought you to WSU?

A: Went to Wayne State as a graduate nurse because of the national reputation of the nurse anesthesia program.Valdor Haglund

Q: How do you feel your military career informs or affects your health care career? 

A: My time in the military shaped me in countless ways. The discipline instilled, an attitude of service, and the relationships garnered have served me well as a health care professional and educator, all in a very positive manner.

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