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Courses offered - Radiologic Technology

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RDT 3090 Directed Study

Prereq: enrollment in College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences; acceptance in Radiologic Technology program.

Independent study of medical terminology and related vocabulary. Instructor-directed online course.

RDT 3100 Introduction to Radiologic Technology

Prereq: acceptance to RDT Program.

Introduction to radiology and hospital procedures. Role of radiographer as a member of the health care team.

RDT 3200 Radiation Biology and Advanced Protection

Prereq: RDT 3100; coreq: RDT 3400.

Radiation protection procedures; radiation interaction with matter and dosage problem solving.

RDT 3300 Radiographic Procedures I

Prereq: RDT 3100, RDT 3200 and RDT 3400.

Instruction and practical experience in procedures of positioning for the skeletal system with correlation to related anatomy in medical images.

RDT 3400 Clinical Education I

Coreq: RDT 3100, RDT 3200.

Clinical course. Student participates in supervised practice of radiographic procedures, studied in conjunction with didactic coursework.

RDT 3500 Patient Care

Prereq: admission to RDT program, RDT 3600, PHI 1110.

Practical application of patient handling: patient assessment, implication of medications and contrast media. BLS certification.

RDT 3600 Clinical Education II

Prereq: admission to RDT program, RDT 3500, PHI 1110.

Application of didactic theory in practice on patients/clients under supervision of qualified technologists in a clinical setting.

RDT 3700 Radiographic Procedures II

Prereq: admission to RDT Program; RDT 3900.

Continuation of RDT 3300. Additional advanced procedures, including skull, mammography, and gastrointestinal studies.

RDT 3800 Cross-Sectional Anatomy

Open only to students in RDT program. Prereq: RDT 3700, RDT 3900.

Presentation of anatomical structures in sectional format, as encountered in computed tomography or magnetic resonance imaging.

RDT 3900 Clinical Education III

Prereq: admission to RDT Program; RDT 3700, RDT 3800.

Minimally supervised clinical experience. Skills practice to proficiency level; additional complex skills.

RDT 4100 Radiographic Quality/Exposure

Prereq: admission to RDT Program; RDT 4200, RDT 4300.

Practical application of technical exposure factor formulation; imaging systems and subsequent effects of equipment manipulation of images.

RDT 4200 Radiation Physics and Circuitry

Open only to students in RDT program. Prereq: RDT 4100, RDT 4300.

Radiation physics; tubes and circuits of radiographic equipment.

RDT 4300 Clinical Education IV

Prereq: admission to RDT Program; RDT 4100, RDT 4200.

Continuation of RDT 3900.

RDT 4400 Radiographic Pathology

Open only to students in RDT program. Prereq: RDT 4500.

Disease process and how they manifest in imaging modalities. Clarification of modality preference.

RDT 4500 Clinical Education V

Prereq: admission to RDT Program; RDT 4400.

Supervised clinical experience in performing radiographic procedures on patients in clinical setting. Evaluation of outcomes; application of knowledge at a progressive level.

RDT 4600 Radiology Seminar

Open only to students in RDT program. Prereq: RDT 4700, RDT 4800.

Introduction to imaging modalities beyond the scope and practice of the general radiographer; emphasis on interventional procedures.

RDT 4700 Clinical Education VI

Prereq: admission to RDT Program; RDT 4600, RDT 4800.

Continuation of RDT 4500.

RDT 4800 (WI) Independent Study

Open only to students in RDT program. Prereq: RDT 4600, RDT 4700.

Independent research in radiology.

RDT 4900 Jurisprudence for Radiographers

Prereq: acceptance in RDT Program; PHI 2320 or equiv.

Ethical and legal case studies; research and discussion correlated to philosophical theory and accepted best law practice for general situations in health care and those specific to radiography.

RDT 6500 Pharmacology

Effects of drug distribution, absorption and excretion as pertaining to physical therapy. Major drug categories, OTC, and nutritional supplements, pertinent to acute and chronic responses to physical therapy; indications, mechanisms, effects.