Courses offered - Radiation Therapy Tech

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RT 3000 Concepts of Clinical Care

Procedures and ethics related to the care and examination of the radiation oncology patient. Topics include: basic pharmacology, drug administration, pain management, treatment side effects and their management.

RT 3010 Introductory Radiation Physics

Basic introduction of radiation physics including the x-ray machine, physical principles and circuitry; principles of mathematics.

RT 3020 Clinical Radiation Physics

Principles of radiation exposure; radiation producing and measuring devices; clinical application of radiation physics.

RT 3110 Clinical Aspects of Radiation Therapy

Basic concepts in oncology and radiation therapy technology. Topics include: cancer statistics, neoplasia, and principles of treatment and dosage.

RT 3140 Topographic Anatomy and Medical Imaging

Procedures for imaging human structure and their relevance to radiation therapy; topographic and cross sectional anatomy, identification of anatomic structures as demonstrated through various imaging modalities and human anatomy lab sessions; fundamentals of radiographic exposure techniques and film processing.

RT 3200 Therapeutic Interactions in Oncology Care

Issues related to professional interaction with oncology patients. Impact of cancer diagnosis on patient and family; subsequent role of radiation therapist. Approaches to effective communication.

RT 3310 Clinical Practicum I

Introduction to clinical radiation therapy. Closely supervised patient-related activities. Emphasis on development of interpersonal communication skills in the clinical setting; medical terminology.

RT 3320 Clinical Practicum II

Closely supervised practice in the delivery of prescribed doses of radiation utilizing common radiation equipment. Observation and performance of clinical care procedures; Development of communication skills in patient/therapist relationships. Correlation of medical imaging techniques to diagnostic workup and treatment planning. Completion of clinical competency requirements.

RT 3330 Clinical Practicum III

Expanded supervised practice in the delivery of radiation therapy treatments. Submission of essay on radiation oncology topic. Completion of clinical competency requirements.

RT 4110 Clinical Radiation Oncology

General presentation of malignant conditions, their etiology and methods of treatment; specific radiation treatment methodology including technical parameters of field size and direction, dosage, blocking, and patient positioning.

RT 4120 Basic Clinical Dosimetry

Basic concepts of clinical dosimetry and treatment planning; various external beam techniques, depth dose data, and summation of isodose curves.

RT 4140 Oncologic Pathology

Basic principles of neoplasia, including types of growth, causative factors, biological behavior, and significance of staging procedures. Pathology of radiation injury.

RT 4150 Radiobiology of Radiation Oncology

Biological effects of ionizing radiation on living tissue. Cell and tissue radiosensitivity; radiation syndromes and related effects. Basic radiobiological principles of radiation oncology and radiation protection.

RT 4220 Radionuclide Physics

Natural radioactivity; isotopes and nuclear structure; techniques of radiation measurement. The clinical use of radionuclides. Radiation safety.

RT 4240 Radiation Therapy Technology Seminar

Issues relevant to the practice and profession of radiation therapy technology explored through group discussion and case studies. Topics include: psychosocial, cultural, economic, physical, and educational factors which affect the patient; professional, administrative, legal, and bioethical issues which influence professional practice.

RT 4300 Quality Assurance

Principles and application of a comprehensive quality assurance program, addressing general clinical and physics factors. Contents include: tasks to be performed, with their frequency and acceptable limits; model implementation program; and legal implications. Lecture and laboratory settings.

RT 4350 Clinical Practicum IV

Continued supervised practice in a wide spectrum of clinical activities. Submission of a critical bibliography from current literature of radiation therapy, cancer management and related areas. Completion of clinical competency requirements.

RT 4360 Clinical Practicum V

Continued clinical practice under limited supervision. Submission of essay on radiation oncology topic. Completion of clinical competency requirements. Satisfies the University General Education Writing Intensive Course in the Major requirement.

RT 4370 Clinical Practicum VI

Continued clinical practice under minimal supervision. Practice of procedures related to the development of various treatment plans and methods of treatment planning. Submission of report on quality assurance activities. Completion of clinical competency requirements.

RT 5650 Pathophysiology for Health Sciences

Fundamental knowledge of the nature of disease for the health sciences student; physiologic and morphologic changes accompanying disease processes; mechanisms of repair and recovery.

RT 5990 Directed Study in Radiation Therapy Technology

Production of a paper, written assignment, or presentation to develop critical thinking, research, writing and presentation skills. Focus on career options within the field.