Wayne State University


Admission Requirements

  • Completion of all pre-professional courses by the end of the summer semester before admission to the professional program
  • Minimum 2.50 overall GPA, as well as a minimum 2.0 science and non-science prerequisite cumulative GPA
  • Completion of all pre-professional requirements with a grade of "C" or better (on a 4.0 scale)
  • Completion of two clinical visits at affiliated radiation therapy facilities. All clinical visits must be arranged by Radiation Therapy Technology faculty to satisfy program requirements.
  • Attendance at a College Information Meeting is strongly recommended, click here for more information. If you are an out-of state applicant, please contact a member of the Radiation Therapy Technology faculty for options to accomodate your circumstances.
  • Equivalent pre-professional coursework taken at an accredited college or university is acceptable
  • Non-native English speakers must submit valid TOEFL scores. 
    • ITP TOEFL only TOEFL version accepted and must request verbal portion (5.5 out of 6 required on verbal portion). Minimum score of 550 required. IBT not accepted.
    • Have to have ITP TOEFL and TWE (both required). TWE 5.5.
    • MELAB 85 + TWE 5.5.
    • IELTS only if they take academic version and minimum score is 6.5

Science Prerequisite Requirements

  • BIO 1500 - Basic Life Diversity
  • BIO 1510 - Basic Life Mechanisms
  • BIO 2870 - Anatomy and Physiology
  • CHM 1020 - Survey of General Chemistry
  • PHY 2130 & 2131 - General Physics I
  • PHY 2140 & 2141 - General Physics II
  • MAT 1800 - Elementary Functions

Math and science prerequisite coursework must be completed within six years of the time of admission to the professional program.

 Non-science Prerequisite Requirements

  • ENG 1020 or 1050 - Introduction to College Writing
  • ENG 3010 - or any Intermediate Composition Class (IC)
  • PS 1010 - Introduction to American Government
  • COM 1010 - Basic Speech- course required
  • Critical Thinking Competency*
  • PSY 1010 or 1020 - Introduction to Psychology
  • PSY 2300 - Psychology of Everyday Living (alternate courses PSY 2400 or 2410)

*Exams or coursework can be used to complete these requirements. Please contact the WSU Office of Testing & Evaluation at (313)577-3400 for further information.

​​Note: Students who hold a previous bachelor's degree or who qualify under the university's MACRAO or MTA transfer policy (see www.transfercredit.wayne.edu) are exempt from completing the requirements listed below. 

University General Education/Degree Requirements

  • HS-Historical Studies
  • VP-Visual and Performing Arts
  • FC-Foreign Culture
  • SS-Social Science
  • PL-Philosophy and Letters
    (one of the following can be taken during the first year in the professional program: HS, VP, FC, SS, PL)