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Essential Application Information

Bachelor’s degree

1. Applicants must obtain a bachelor’s degree before the start of the WSU PAS program in May.  

2. This degree must be from an accredited college or university. 

3. The undergraduate degree may be in any field of study, although science degrees are preferred.

4. If coursework was completed at a non-US institution, transcripts must be evaluated by a WSU approved evaluation service (WES, etc). The results of the evaluation must be sent to Wayne State University.  Please see the following website for information regarding foreign transcript evaluation:



1. All applicants must complete the General Test of the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) within 5 years of the time of application submission. Exams taken prior to this date will not be considered.

2. The examination must be taken by July 31st  of the application year  and the official score sheet must be included in the WSU Graduate Application supplemental documentation by September 1st. Scores submitted after the September 1st  deadline will not be accepted.

3. The minimum acceptable GRE score is 800 combined verbal and quantitative sections (for exams taken prior to August 1, 2011) or a minimum of 285 combined verbal and quanitative (for exams taken after August 1, 2011), and a 3.5 analytic writing score. Scores lower than this minimum will render the applicant ineligible for admission.

4. Testing scores from one examination date will be considered for admission, not necessarily the most recent score. We utilize the exam with the highest scores. Also, only scores from one testing date will be considered. For example, we will not consider a verbal score from one exam, a quantitative score from another, and a writing score from yet another. All scores must be from the same exam.

5. The Wayne State University Physician Assistant Program CASPA GRE Designated Institution code is3647. Be sure to utilize this Designation Institution Code when indicating WSU PAS as a score recipient.  The Educational Testing Service will transmit official GRE scores electronically to CASPA and they will be included in your CASPA application. 

6. GRE Scores are to be sent to Graduate Admissions using the WSU institution Code : 1898

7. Questions regarding the GRE may be directed to: cphsinfo@wayne.edu


CASPA Application (May 1, 2015 to September 1, 2015)

A completed CASPA application must be submitted and received by CASPA on or before September 1st in order to be considered for admission to the WSU PAS program. Applications “submitted” to CASPAafter the September 1st deadline will not be accepted. The application can be found at: http://www.caspaonline.org/

 *It is highly recommended that you submit your CASPA application in June/July to insure timely submission and review of all items by CASPA. If CASPA has not sent your application to the WSU PAS program by October 1st, even if you meet all of the admission requirements, your application cannot be considered for the current admission cycle.

Applicant Recommendations Submitted to CASPA

Recommendations may be obtained from PAs, MDs , DOs, or other health providers familiar with the role of the physician assistant. At least one of the three recommendations must be completed by an individual who has observed the applicant during direct patient contact experience, and/or a work supervisor - those most familiar with the applicant and their clinical work. The recommendation should include a verification of your completed health care experience hours.  A stronger applicant file is one that has references who have known him/her for a period of time of greater than one year and can comment on their performance with direct patient health care. We strongly urge applicants to avoid references from most academic professors/instructors, unless they are able to fully complete the form regarding observed direct patient contact.


WSU Graduate Application (Submit between July 15, 2015 to September 1, 2015)

A completed WSU Graduate School application, including all supplemental material must be submitted for consideration of admission.

***PLEASE NOTE: The WSU Graduate Application for the May 2016 WSU PAS program start date is available on the WSU Graduate School website.  All graduate application materials must be submitted by September 1, 2015 to be considered for the May 2016 start date. Use "Spring/Summer 2016" as the projected start date on the application.

Supplemental Materials to be submitted with the Graduate Application:

  • Resume/CV (Required)
    All applicants must submit a current resume/curriculum vitae.
  • Direct Patient Care Experience-Continuation Plan  (Required)
    All applicants should submit a document detailing the health care experience work plan to cover the time span from the submission of the CASPA application to May of the application year.
  • Prerequisite Coursework in Progress:  Completion Date: September 1st (If Applicable)

Only those applicants completing prerequisite courses in spring/summer 2015 whose grades are not verified by CASPA need to complete this section. The transcript of course grades completed after CASPA application submission should be included in this section.

  • Copy of Granted Waiver: 6 Year Prerequisite Requirement (If Applicable)

Only those applicants that requested and received a 6 year science course prequisite waiver from the WSU PAS Admissions Committee need submit documention in this section

  • TOEFL Testing (If Applicable)

TOEFL testing is required if English is not your native language and/or you have not completed 4 years of high school education in the United States.

The TOEFL must be taken by August 1st of the application year and the results must be submitted to your WSU Graduate Application Supplemental Materials site on or before the application deadline of September 1st.

You must receive one of the following scores on the TOEFL exam to be admissible into the WSU PA Studies Program:

  1. Written: 600
  2. Traditional computer: 250
  3. IbT (Internet based testing): 100

Please note: The minimum acceptable score required by WSU PAS is higher than required for other programs at Wayne State University

  • Community Service (Optional)

Although community service is not a requirement for admission, it is highly recommended, given the mission of the program. To be eligible, the community service can take place in any environment, not just a health care setting, within two years prior to the application submission.

Official documentation must include:

  1. Official letterhead from the institution where you provided the community service
  2. Dates of service (within 2 years of the current admission cycle)
  3. Total hours of service
  4. Type of service including duties and responsibilities


Personal Interview

A personal interview will be granted to select individuals who meet all admission requirements by the admissions deadlines. Applicants should seek out as much information as possible concerning the role and laws governing the practice of the physician assistant and be able to articulate this information during the interview process. Applicants can gain this information by direct observation of clinically practicing physician assistants and by reviewing the American Academy of Physician Assistants website: www.aapa.org, and the Michigan Academy of Physician Assistants website: www.michiganpa.org.

Applicants should be able to articulate their answers to these four questions:

  1. What made you decide to pursue a career in physician assistant studies?
  2. What preparation have you had to become a physician assistant?
  3. What made you choose Wayne State University's Physician Assistant Studies Program?
  4. Assuming you complete the Physician Assistant Studies program at Wayne State University, what professional goals do you hope to achieve?

Completion of the personal interview does not guarantee admission to the WSU PAS Program.


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