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Sara F. Maher PT, DScPT, OMPT

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Sara F. Maher PT, DScPT, OMPT

Chair, Health Care Sciences



Office location

EACPHS, Room 2252


  • Director (Academic), Physical Therapy, Department of Health Care Sciences
  • Associate Professor (Clinical), Physical Therapy, Department of Health Care Sciences

Degrees and Certifications

  • Doctor of Science in Physical Therapy (DScPT), Oakland University, 2006
  • Graduate Certificate in Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy, Oakland University, 2004
  • Master of Physical Therapy, Wayne State University, 1999
  • Bachelor of Science in Allied Health Science, Wayne State University, 1997
  • Bachelor of Music, Western Michigan University, 1990
  • Educational Leadership Fellow, American Physical Therapy Association, 2014
  • Ergonomic Assessment Specialist, Back School of Atlanta, 2001

Positions and Employment

  • Associate Professor, Oakland University, 2012-2014
  • Assistant Professor, Oakland University, 2006-2012
  • Graduate Assistant, Oakland University, 2005
  • Physical Therapist in numerous orthopedic sites throughout Michigan, 1999-2014

Areas of Expertise

  • Workplace and performance injuries (prevention and treatment)
  • Treatment of wounds
  • Therapeutic Modalities

Recent Publications

  1. Sebelien C, Stiller C, Maher S, Qu X.Effects of implementing Nordic hamstring exercises for semi-professional soccer players in Norway. Orthopedic Physical Therapy Practice.2014;26(2)91-97.
  2. Maher S, Halverson J, Misiewicz R, Reckling T, Smart O, Benton C, Schoenherr, D. Low-frequency ultrasound for patients with lower leg ulcers due to chronic venous insufficiency: a report of two cases. Osteomy Wound Management. 2014;60(2):52-61.
  3. Maher S. The effects of engagement activities on pre-physical therapy students across one semester of class. Student Engagement and Experience Journal. 2013;2(2). ISSN(online)2047-9476. DOI 10.7190/seej.v212.65
  4. Beckman J, Krauss J, Maher S, Qu X. Instability training using a combination of home exercises and redcord for the management of low back pain in pre-professional ballet dancers: A case series. Journal of Dance & Medicine Science. 2013;17(1):24-33.
  5. Maher S, Dorko L, Saliga S. Linear scar reduction using silicone gel sheets in individuals with normal healing. Journal of Wound Care.2012;21(12):1-6
  6. Maher S, McGlothlin C. Does implementation of a minimal lift policy change job satisfaction levels and number of workers compensation injuries among direct care staff? A case study in an extended care facility. Journal of Safety, Health, and Environmental Research. 2011;7(2):31-38.
  7. Maher S, Gioannini A, Koslowski S, Puszczewicz A, Swanson J. Isolated exercises versus standard treatment for the shoulder in an industrial setting. Orthopaedic Physical Therapy Practice. 2011; 23(3):154-160.
  8. Kava KS, Larson CA, Stiller CH, Maher S. Trunk endurance exercise and the effect on instrumental performance: A preliminary study comparing Pilates exercise and a trunk and proximal upper extremity endurance exercise program. Music Performance Research. 2010; 3(1):1-30.
  9. Maher S, Kondratek M, Krauss J, Creighton D, Qu X. Postgraduate orthopedic manual physical therapy residents physical responses to peer practice of cervical manipulation. Journal of Physical Therapy Education.2010; 24(2):35-44.
  10. Maher S, Creighton D, Kondratek M, Krauss J, Qu X. The effect of tibio-femoral traction mobilization on passive knee flexion motion impairment and pain:A case series. Journal of Manual and Manipulative Therapy. 2010; 18(1):29-36
  11. Maher S. Is low-level laser therapy effective in the management of lateral epicondylitis? [Evidence in Practice.] Physical Therapy.2006; 86(8):1161-1167.

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