Wayne State University


The Wayne State University Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies entry level professional program is a Plan C graduate program and requires the completion of 54 credit hours of course work over two years — six consecutive semesters. The first year consists of three semesters of didactic training. Year one begins in May of each year and follows the WSU academic calendar. The second year consists of clinical rotations through a variety of disciplines. Due to clinical schedules and the needs of our patients, this year does not follow the academic calendar. To earn the Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies, each student must successfully complete all course requirements in the proper sequence as described in the Physician Assistant program two-year curriculum.


***As of August 2017 a proposal was submitted by the PAS program to the university to review the credit hours of all PAS courses. If accepted the program credit hours will increase to 72 credit hours from the current 54 credit hours. These changes would begin as of May 2018.