Applicant information

Admission Cycle: May 1, 2020 - September 1, 2020, for WSU PA Studies class beginning May 2021

Prior to applying to the Wayne State University Physician Assistant Studies program, we suggest that you attend a General Information Meeting held the first Tuesday evening of each month at 6 p.m. to learn about the program and have your questions addressed directly. Due to restrictions from the COVID-19 pandemic, all meetings will be held virtually through a Zoom link until further notice. Visit the General Information Meetings page to obtain more details. Meetings are held every month of the year for your convenience.

Admission requirements

  • Bachelor's degree from an accredited institution before the start of WSU PA Studies program in May
  • 3.0 minimum cumulative undergraduate GPA
  • 3.0 minimum prerequisite GPA
  • GRE score: minimum of 285 combined verbal and quantitative, and a 3.5 analytical writing score (exam must be taken by July 31st and the official score must be submitted to CASPA by September 1)
  • 500 hours (within the last two years) of direct, hands-on patient-care experience completed by the September 1 application deadline
  • TOEFL score, if not having had completed four years of high school in the United States (exam must be taken by August 1st and the score received in PA office by September 1). This applies to all that have not fulfilled this requirement, even if having attained a university undergraduate or graduate degree.
  • Completed (by September 1) and verified (by September 15) CASPA application (The application is available May 1 - September 1, 2020.)
  • Completed online (by September 1) WSU Graduate Application, including submission of all required supplemental documents (The application will be available in May 2020 - apply for "Spring/Summer 2021")
  • NEW for 2020-2021 application cycle - All applicants must complete the CASPer Test.
  • Successful completion of a personal interview

All deadlines noted on this website must be abided by in order to be considered for admission to the WSU PA Studies program. Due to the highly competitive nature of admission to this program, successful completion of all admission requirements does not guarantee admission to the program.

Be sure to review specifics related to admission/prerequisite criteria; you may also want to review the frequently asked questions about the PA Studies program admissions. 

Applicants often wonder about the admission characteristics of those that are admitted to the program. Here are the most recent admitted class averages:

WSU PA Studies Class of 2022

Admitted student averages/numbers:

  • cGPA: 3.69
  • pGPA 3.86
  • GRE: Quantitative: 150  Verbal: 151  Written: 4.2
  • Average Age: 24.5 years
  • 11 Males and 38 Females

The CASPer Test: Computer-Based Assessment for Sampling Personal Characteristics

All applicants to the Wayne State University Physician Assistant Studies Program are required to complete an online assessment (CASPer) to assist with our selection process. Successful completion of CASPer by August 23 of the application year is mandatory in order to maintain admission eligibility. CASPer is an online test which assesses for non-cognitive skills and interpersonal characteristics that we believe are important for successful students and graduates of our program, and will complement the other tools that we use for applicant screening. In implementing CASPer, we are trying to further enhance fairness and objectivity in our selection process. 

In order to take CASPer, you will be responsible for securing access to a computer with audio capabilities, a webcam, and a reliable internet connection on your selected test date. CASPer can be taken practically anywhere that you can satisfy the aforementioned requirements. No exceptions will be provided for applicants unable to take CASPer online due to being located at sites where internet is not dependable due to technical or political factors.

Please go to to sign up and reserve a test using your and a piece of government-issued photo ID. You will be provided with a limited number of testing dates and times. Please note that these are the only testing dates available for your CASPer test. There will be no additional tests scheduled. Please use an email address that you check regularly; there may be updates to the test schedule.

Please direct any inquiries on the test to Alternatively, you may use the chat bubble in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen on the website.

The CASPer test is comprised of 12 sections of video and written scenarios. Following each scenario, you will be required to answer a set of probing questions under a time contract. Each response is graded by a different rater, giving a very robust and reliable view of personal and professional characteristics important to our program.

No studying is required for CASPer, although you may want to familiarize yourself with the test structure at, and ensure you have a quiet environment to take the test.  CASPer test results are valid for one admissions cycle. Applicants who have already taken the test in previous years will therefore be expected to retake it.