Physical therapy faculty members publish book chapter

Conditioning for Strength and Human PerformanceWSU Applebaum physical therapy professors Marie E. Pepin, Joseph A. Roche and Moh H. Malek co-authored a textbook chapter, "Strength Training for Special Populations."

The chapter appears in the recently released third edition of Conditioning for Strength and Human Performance (Routledge, 2019). According to the publisher, the book "provides strength and conditioning students with the clearest and most accessible introduction to the scientific principles underpinning the discipline. Covering bioenergetics and nutrition, a systematic approach to physiological and endocrinological adaptations to training and the biomechanics of resistance training, no other book provides such a thorough grounding in the science of strength and conditioning or better prepares students for evidence-based practice."

The chapter by Pepin, Roche and Malek teaches students to:

  • Identify various populations that will benefit from specific exercise programs
  • Understand the roles of strength training in special populations
  • Discuss the role of strength training in various musculoskeletal diseases and in attenuating the progressive nature of these diseases
  • Implement an appropriate exercise prescription for various special populations

To learn more about the book, visit the Routledge website

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