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Courses offered - Anesthesia

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AN 7010 Advanced Health and Physical Assessment and Clinical Anesthesia Practicum I

Prereq: R.N. degree, admission to professional program for nurse anesthetists.

Advanced systematic focus on health assessment, anatomical and physical limitations, and impact on anesthesia practice.

AN 7020 Clinical Anesthesia Practicum II

Continuation of AN 7010.

AN 7040 Clinical Anesthesia Practicum IV

Prereq: AN 7030.

Continuation of AN 7030.

AN 7050 Clinical Anesthesia Practicum V

Continuation of AN 7040.

AN 7070 Clinical Practice I

Outpatient anesthesia practice; focus on airway management.

AN 7080 Clinical Practice II

Managing complex pediatric cases involving craniofacial problems, craniotomies, spinal fusion, and abdominal cases.

AN 7090 Clinical Practice III

Clinical experience with complex cardiac diseases requiring thoracic and cardiopulmonary bypass.

AN 7100 Pharmacology I

Prereq: Registered Nurse, admission to professional curriculum.

Pharmacology as it relates to anesthesiology; pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics.

AN 7110 Pharmacology II

Analysis of theories of pharmacology.

AN 7120 Advanced Pharmacology of Anesthesia

Prereq: R.N., admission to professional curriculum.

General qualitative and quantitative aspects of pharmacology. Interaction and kinetics of pharmacologic agents and their relationship to anesthetic practice.

AN 7150 Principles of Anesthesia I

Prereq: Registered Nurse, admission to professional curriculum.

Principles and usage of all anesthesia equipment including electronic instrumentation. Theoretical exploration of various techniques of anesthesia.

AN 7160 Principles of Anesthesia II

Advanced knowledge in application and use of modern anesthesia monitoring technology.

AN 7180 Electrocardiography in Anesthesia Practice

Background for monitoring, diagnosing, and treating cardiac arrhythmias in the perioperative period. Working background in fundamentals of 12-lead ECG interpretation; its application in the perioperative period.

AN 7190 Advanced Cardiovascular Patho-physiology and EKG

Prereq: AN 7180; admission to professional program for nurse anesthetists.

Advanced cardiovascular pathophysiology, assessing and diagnosing cardiac dysfunctions, and integration of appropriate clinical interventions in the anesthetic management plan of care.

AN 7500 Chemistry and Physics of Anesthesia

Prereq: Registered Nurse, admission to professional program for nurse anesthetists.

Analysis and principles of chemistry and physics as applied to anesthesia.

AN 7620 Pulmonary Mechanics and Anesthesia Implications

Prereq: Registered Nurse; AN 7200 or equiv.; admission to professional program.

Advanced evaluation of cardiopulmonary/respiratory complication. Clinical anesthesia care.

AN 7690 Advanced Clinical Anesthesia Practice Review I

Use of theoretical concepts and advanced clinical principles to develop the art and science of practice with emphasis on individualizing care, in addition to board preparation.

AN 7780 Professional Dimensions of Anesthesia Practice

Advanced knowledge in professional growth and development . Understanding the foundations and development of professional organizations, professionalism and the value of clinical services for professional growth.

AN 7800 Pain Management for Nurse Anesthetists

Regional techniques and pharmacological interventions to manage acute and chronic pain.

AN 7880 Anesthesia Seminar

Current developments in concepts and theories of nurse anesthesia.

AN 7900 Advanced Pediatric Topics

Detailed advanced lectures in specific pediatric topics.

AN 7910 Special Topics in Pediatric Anesthesia

Common pediatric problems; in-depth knowledge on neonatal anesthesia.

AN 7920 Case Presentations

Anatomy and physiology of various diseases including principles of anesthetic management.