WSU Applebaum's 15th annual Research Day features epigeneticist Randy Jirtle, faculty award winners

Randy Jirtle delivered the keynote at WSU Applebaum's 2018 Research Day
Left to right: Dean Cathy Lysack, Randy Jirtle, Tim Stemmler, George Corcoran

Internationally renowned epigenetics expert Randy Jirtle delivered the keynote address at the 15th annual Eugene Applebaum College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Research Day on Wednesday, Nov. 7, 2018. At the event, faculty awards were presented to Christine Rabinak and Malcolm Cutchin, and student poster award winners were announced.

WSU Applebaum Dean Cathy Lysack welcomed a packed auditorium.

"The research done in this college has the potential to impact human health – from the cell, to the body, to the community," she said.

Wayne State Vice President for Research Stephen Lanier also spoke, expressing how EACPHS epitomizes interdisciplinary initiatives, blending education, professionalism, community engagement, clinical operation and discovery.

Jirtle's talk, "Epigenetic Responses to the Environment," covered research showing that exposure of offspring to both physical and chemical agents while in the womb alters their adult disease susceptibility by modifying the epigenome. This finding – built on a lifelong career that was in turn built on centuries of scientific inquiry dating back to Hippocrates – has forever changed the way disease is viewed.

He also encouraged students, saying, "I guarantee that if you stay in science long enough, it's going to be exciting. You don't know where your career is going to take you. Right now you're in the middle of the forest, but only when you look back decades from now will you be able to see your trajectory."

Following the keynote, Christine Rabinak was presented with the Junior Faculty Research Award, and Malcolm Cutchin was presented with the Faculty Research Recognition Award. Stay tuned for a full story on the faculty awards!


15th Annual EACPHS Research Day


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