The Rounds Table: Christopher Giuliano and Claudia Hanni on pantoprazole, aspirin

This week on The Rounds Table podcast, Christopher Giuliano, associate professor of pharmacy practice, and Claudia Hanni, a 2016 Wayne State Pharm.D. graduate who is now serving as a preceptor, cover pantoprazole in patients at risk for GI bleeding in the ICU and effects of aspirin for primary prevention in persons with diabetes. 

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In the intensive care unit, many patients receive pantoprazole for prevention of gastrointestinal stress ulceration.  The risks and benefits of this are unclear. Giuliano discusses a trial performed to assess patients in the intensive care unit with a high bleeding risk and whether intravenous pantoprazole 40 mg or placebo have an effect on mortality. Other secondary outcomes, such as clinically important gastrointestinal bleeding, were also reported by researchers.

It is known that diabetes mellitus is associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular events. Hanni reviews the ASCEND trial, comparing aspirin to placebo for primary prevention in patients with diabetes with no known cardiovascular disease.  The outcomes in terms of bleeding risk are also discussed.

Next, inThe Good Stuff segment, Giuliano tells listeners about an article on dietary supplementation and the common reasons for use, and Hanni discusses an article on the major causes of death in children and adolescents in the United States.

For this month’s special segment, Sheliza Halani interviews Dr. James Downar, Head of the Division of Palliative Care for the University of Ottawa, on medical assistance in dying and how this is related to end-of-life care and treatment options.

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